AGM 65 Maverick have terrible damage output and needs fix

SPAAG are very capable, it requires skill you use them. You may be unfamiliar with that attribute.

Thanks for adding tremendous value here…IGNORED!

Sure thing…As I said, I have already submitted video evidence that you’re wrong.

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Reading your response had me like:


65E/WDU-24/B is pretty badass, we’ll see if Gaijin models the new warhead right

Yes the agm65 rly need the buff. But the mig29smt too

SMT will get a buff with the R77/AIM-120 update

Considering Gaijin’s handling of HEAT and lofting profiles its unlikely we’ll see any fixes any time soon (iirc HEAT is limited to a maximum of like 20mm of overpressure pen regardless of the warhead mass)

Smt need a better flight performance or normal irccm in the r73 so this need and not a r77. Gaijn cant programing the arh missles normally like aim54. Fly low and the missle go to trash.

R-77 should be mostly trash in WT anyways seeing as the speeds and alts its designed to be launched at are atypical for WT.

Gaijin wont model it as such though, so dont worry.

As for the multipath issue, its widely reported, its just down to if the devs actually want to fix it, since its entirely a design issue of their own making.

which speeds and altitudes are you referring to?, because the r77 would keep out-ranging the aim 120A/B in pretty much every situation.

R-77 grid fins have an advantage in drag at high mach numbers over regular planar fins, but act as literal airbrakes in the transonic regime (effect is most pronounced between M0.8-1.3) any subsonic or transonic launch will significantly impact the missiles kinematic performance, to the point where a surface launched AIM-7M attains ranges of around 26km while a surface launched R-77 attains ranges of 12km.

WT is not a game where much of the combat occurs above M1.3, or even above M1.0, and as such, the R-77 if modelled correctly(which it wont be cuz gaijin), should suffer horrendously in-game if used in similar ways as things like the AIM-7M/R-27ER are currently used (sub 10km shots at transonic/subsonic launch speeds). At high alt and high launch speeds it would likely perform somewhere between the AIM-7M and R-27ER, but missiles are not typically launched in those conditions because it is incredibly easy to defeat them in WT.

(Using the AIM-7M as compairison since the RIM-7M is widely used to this day and well documented, along with the fact the R-77 and AIM-7M have very similar dimensions.)

Is the smoking from the vehicle intentional?