AGM-114 - Will we ever get an upgrade, or will we remain in the dark ages forever?

Simple as the title, will we ever get an upgrade? Most hellfire carriers in the game suffer from being unable to defend themselves , the main offender being The KA and MI28 series. For the past 3 years, these Helicopters have dominated Ground, purely because they can kill not only tanks, but other helicopters with ease. The best thing a hellfire carrier can do in most cases, is run and hide, or attempt to get in gun range ( which in most cases is certain death) . I had some hope that Maybe, just maybe, my AH1Z would actually be able to fend for itself when APKWS was added, but nope, just HE and SAP-HE, which are compleatly useless. In the same fashion, the AGM-114R was “Passed for consideration”… 2 years ago… im starting to think that they are Passed into the trash-bin rather than being considered. Its just Grim, i love helicopters, but i hate having to hug the ground and hide because a KA50 decided that suddenly the map is a no-flight zone.
I agree AGM-114L Longbow wouldnt be the best solution, But at least other variations/ more in-depth attention to hellfires would be nice


Longbow would be a nice addition. We have spike and PARS in game for some time and it proved that kind of weaponry works. There is no reason why longbow is not in the game.

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They refused to add it because it’s radar homing, which can pretty much ignore smoke and you can’t really do anything about it.
But the alternative is AGM-114Rs which were passed for consideration but never added, which gave AGM-114s a direct-fire mode under 7 km along with a programable warhead to take down air targets aka proximity warhead against air.

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Tbh we have lots of weapons that don’t have their full potential in game. They could easily put that longbow would lose track if someone pops smoke as we already have that mechanic in the game.

They simply don’t want to add anything that would endanger KA supermacy and that’s it.

lol Rooivalk, Tigers, & Apaches aren’t Kamovs.
There is no Kamov supremacy, it fires fast long-range TOW-2s.

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