AGM 114 Hellfire

ok so i am the average heli player of this game with almost all the helicopters unlocked and played and recently i have been playing the AH-1W . i remembered hellfire missiles were slow sure but they would kill targets easily if hit or atleast take 2 but what now im witnessing is that 4 hellfire missiles cant kill a strela on direct hit (only the engine and transmission get damaged over and over), they don’t kill type 93 but only disable its sam turret rotation? 6 hellfire missiles cant kill a german puma and only shows hit . hit .hit ??? i know its a russian game and its supposed to be some kind of fairy dream for russians to show off their military strength but its a literal joke at this point . you guys destroyed hellfire completely because what you had to nerf vikhrs and ataka and that would lead people to play apache cobra mangusta blackhawk but you didn’t like that either . the mistral aam cant follow a slow su25 and now easily gets distrated by a simple flare . now i wasn’t talking about how you ruined mistral i was talking about the hellfire and i could show you the proof of every incident i am talking about or you can try it yourselves and test it . you know what we don’t want longbows just can you stop nerfing hellfires every single patch they are worse than the 8.7 heli missiles now atleast those things kill.

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Don’t worry hellfires and mavericks got buffed in dev. Hopefully rolls over to the actual update

I’ve been getting the exact same issues with Khrizantema and Vikhr missiles recently, the spalling and over pressure are gone. Some times a bug is just a bug, not some great conspiracy by Gaijin to make NATO nation players suffer.

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apparently, heli ATGM cant trigger overpressure.
you need to hit the ammo rack or kill crew one-by-one