Age before beauty

I woukd like to start a topic on the pros and cons between the old and the new. This is not to influence any game changes but feel free to discuss the merits of the above.


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If you mean low tier vs high tier, low tier vehicles have more individuality and their weird factor is endearing, but that also means your tank’s limitations are more glaring so it’s very irritating to lose simply because you have the “wrong” tank for the situation that’s developed on the map. High tier the playing field is even more often than not, but quickly escalates to a blowout in one direction or the other so it stops being fun quickly.

For example armour, weapons, mobility, looks, just what do you think, what you dislike or like, whats your favourite modern and whats your favourite traditional

I want my f117 🛸

Younger types have better design and functionality but older types are more experienced and tested. So its very hard to tell which ones are better. I guess it depends what you prefer…

And vehicles are same.

Age… because beauty is different for different people, but everyone thinks things were always better “in the good ol’ days”… so age must be better :)

I want the old statcard images back. They had a nice level of charm and helped the game feel less arcadey and low effort

those days were different. not better



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