Again. Maus is absolutely biased

I’ve been playing 7.7 GRB these days, and I come across a thousand maus. Again and again and again this thing block the road like an armored giant, well it is an armored giant indeed… Yet it’s an armored giant with Muhammad’s great gun! People usually compare maus with is4m, because they are both heavily armored. Well, the thing is, is4m is trash compared to maus. Winning over maus only in its mobility, is4m’s armor and gun are no match for a maus, yet they are both in 7.7.That 128/88 round is as good as fictional (it never came real), yet here we are, a fictional round in 7.7 which is better than BR-472 at 8.3. Maus’s survivability is better than any other vehicle up to 8.0, due to its side and back armor, especially its turret side armor. To make matters worse, maus is a hidden vehicle, many players don’t check it’s armor, so they know nothing about shooting maus’s cheek. besides it’s hard to kill maus with several shots anyway. Now I often see maus in 8.3 and even 8.7 matchs, where it’s still quite invincible(especially against the Soviets).
Maybe that 128/88 round can be removed so it won’t be so biased in 7.7. Or from my point of view this thing should simply be moved to 8.0 or perhaps even higher. We already have T-54 and leopard 1 at 8.0 now, so it’s quite reasonable to place maus at 8.0. Even if it’s not so strong there, it’s better to nerf one vehicle than ruining all other vehicle’s game play.

Yeah, it has better armor however at 8.0 it would get up to 8.3 or even be fighting 8.7 vehicles which can penetrate it easily. At 7.7 it could fight 8.0 or 7.0 vehicles. Possibly the rare to be at that br 6.7 which are usually player backups.

So no it’s not going to 8.0 cause it won’t perform well. This is why Gaijin hides it from public view unless it’s the WT anniversary event. Mind you they did at one time move it to 8.0 and it was easily killed. This was several years ago so if they did that today, it would be even worse.

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As a soviet main, I disagree, 8.3-8.7 soviet pen APDSFS penetration might be below average, but its not impossible to penetrate things, some vehicles even exceed in it like T-10M with its wonderful APHE that lets Maus know who has better gun in town.


Another thing to consider is the rotation of the turret, and traverse of the hull to front the main armor exposed. In which speed outperforms it. If you also have a smaller target it’s going to be near impossible to kill your prey whos the predator in this context.

Actually met Maus a lot yesterday playing 6.7-7.0. 2S3M HE, or really close range CQC with T-44-100 is a way to go, only thing i think is completely unfair is T-44 at 6.7 which can barely scratch Maus to the sides, let alone cant do anything frontally.

Fair enough point however putting it to 8.0 wouldn’t work as the past proved this in which it was performing horribly both on paper and in battles. The only time I’ve ever really seen it work was when the enemy team was primarily Maus tanks and a few support tanks escorting, and or providing support from a distance while slowly pushing up.

But that was long ago and I still believe it was moved to 8.0 it would perform even worse and have little to no chance. At 7.7 it can be rather competitive. So unless gaijin decompresses the game nothing will really chance.

Wasnt suggesting to move that up, just T-44 is questionable BR.

Ah…took a nap so just woke up a few minutes ago.

My T-55’s ATGM’s would disagree

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The 12,8/8,8 cm Pzgr. Ts is as real as you and me. I dont know where you got your info from but it is real, there were also 10,5 / 7,5, 10,5/8,8, 15/8,8 grenades and these include only he Ap grenades not the many other Heds grenades.


You understand that this is supposed to be a SUPER HEAVY tank, and it has to be hard to destroy, and spoiling another vehicle that is not very good anyway is stupid and will lead to the destruction of diversity in the game, because it will soon turn out that every vehicle needs to have something removed until they are finally the same.


IS4 M has better mobility and smaller profile, Maus has better main gun and the coax (funnily enough the one feature everyone forgets when they make a “Maus bias” thread like this one).

Considering how important mobility is to WT, this does absolutely balance the two heavies vis a vis one another.

The Maus is also more vulnerable to CAS. Even FAB 250s can kill it if they detonate close to the side armour (where ammo is stored) or on the hull ceiling.

The APHEDS round is historical. Of course it had R&D problems that it does not have in game, but so what? Surely you know that early T-34s without turret baskets would be unable to reload the gun unless the turret was facing forward, and yet that’s not in game, because WT employs a generous dose of arcadeification to make all vehicles playable and competitive.

In the right hands, the Maus can be a menace, but it’s also very difficult and counterintuitive to play well. Yes, figuring out how to kill it is a challenge for you as a player, and figuring out how to play the Maus well has likewise been a challenge for your rival in the Maus. Embrace that. Relish in it. Don’t ask for the game to be dumbed down every time there is a vehicle that requires different counterplay than usual.

God knows heavy tanks already suffer more than enough in this game.


In fact, the Maus is dumbed down enough as it is since it is missing stuff such as its HEAT round, MG 151, flamethrower & improved turret with rangefinder. Remember what gaijin has done with the Tog and apply it to the Maus:

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I suspect the mg in the turret might have ended up being a weakspot, and flat turret surfaces can also be a downgrade in WT - yes, no shot trap, but also no BS volumetric bounce. What would be very interesting would be trying the vertical, as opposed to horizontal layout for the coax that was meant for the V2 turret.

Considering that the Maus in game can actually move of its own power without combusting, I’m happy enough.

I find it much more bothersome from a historical POV that the E-100 in game uses the Maus V1 turret, which was never ever intended for it.

I just got the maus, but i play arcade…maus is 8.0 here. It is a “fun” tank, if you forget it takes a long time to get to the battle :)
However…it is not as tough as i thought it would be…lots of guns and most ATGMs can damage or kill it…and the gun is NOT one shot kill…it gets “deflected” more than i expected from the caliber…as most targets are modern tanks anyway.

Not saying there is something wrong…just my 2 cents that as A NEW USER of MAUS in ARCADE the experience feels “ok”. It is a slow tank, it has a good gun, it is not dominant…but also does not feel as a sitting duck. It usually goes down to who fires first.

I assume that it has a lower BR in RB due to its HUGE size, that makes sneaking or flanking almost impossible…

Let’s see T-55 AMD-1 BR: 8.7
ATGM used: 9M117
Penetration: 600(no matter the range)

BR: 7.7
Side Armor:
Top: 180 mm
Bottom: 100 mm
Welded Joints: 300 mm
You have no excuse to kill the damn thing.

Almost, but not impossible. 😁

The gun requires very precise shot placement. You have to know weakspots, and when to use the Pz.Gr 43 or the APHEDS. The long reload means you can’t afford to get it wrong. Once you learn how to use the gun, you can OHK stuff even at top tier (Dollarplays did two videos with Maus and E-100 at top tier six months ago, very fun). Also, the coax is your unironical biggest asset. Use it.

I have more tips to share if you want them. Of course they mostly apply to RB and SB but can be useful in arcade as well, I think. The Maus is an excellent tank, but must be played in a peculiar style in order to work.

Aerial birds would like to “talk” to Maus

The Maus is just all the things wrong with Warthunder rolled into one inconvenient package.The player base demanded it and deserve it.

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It is different for sure…that is what i find interesting…still learning :)

Yep…sitting duck versus air…not the only one…usually reflected in BR.

TBH…i dont like the Maus concept, as many other “prototype”…i think rare vehicles should be made “rare” in game also…and i would prefer some more realism…
But i see a lot of players that think differently…so i play along…like they say…“If you cant beat them…”
So…am having fun where i can…i guess once the novelty wears off, the atgm and air caused deaths will become more annoying…and the 5min drive to battle will become a factor…hopefully i will have a new toy by then :)

BTW…i cant understand if “biased” in the topic title means too weak or too strong :) on any given match Maus can be either…or even both, depending on what you find around the corner :)

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