After latest updage my FPS dropped to minimum

Hello. Can I ask what the devs did to the game? After the latest update of the game my FPS dropped to minimum. To play this game at 30 FPS is horrible. Previously I had 100 FPS. I changed nothing either in settings or on my computer. I had to go to full minimum details to get at least 45 FPS still shite tho.

If I’m lucky I play with 20 fps

I’ve had a similar issue with packet loss and ping, particularly close to the ground in air rb and in ground battles in general, i suspect its the new trees. My internet is pretty bad though so it could just be a particularly bad week.

Many months ago, when I was lucky, I played with 15 fps…
Pétard de biquette !!!
Right now (with new PC Asus, fiber & Ethernet) I’m at 150 fps…
C’est beau la vie .