AF + Heli AF SPAA - Whats the point?

At the current moment in time, SPAA on and around both the heli pads and AF seem to do nothing, compared to SPAA around AFs in ARB/ASB that can shoot you down at 5km or even SPAA on convoys on other bases, the AA in GRB seems completely for show. I’ve been killed a number of times on the AF by an enemy player, who just ignored AA. Can we either have this AA just removed or buffed to the point where an enemy player cant just ignore AA please.


AA on a helipad is supposed to warn you about enemy aircraft making it easier to spot(kinda like early warning system or short range awac)
but to survive is your responsibility here
now imagine if helipad AA can shoot down an aircraft some helipad will cover half of the tank map airspace making CAS impossible

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They removed the killing ability of the Heli pad AA because it was killing everything over the tank battle field. and airplanes that flew over or near the battle field would get sniped by the heli AA.

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"but to survive is your responsibility here " that’s just stupid.

and that don’t bother you to be killed by a biplane just when you spawn with an heli with just AS missille like the Alouette III or Wasp or again by a guy who take an heli with roquet to spawnkill every guy who dare try something
if it’s the range who bothering you then gaijin just have to make just 1 helipads between the 2 existant and that’s good
that will solve maybe the AA tank (adats, ito…) who can kill you on the helipads or the infinit missile and constant repair of some guy who stay on the helipads to shoot missiles

The solution is simple : play skill planes instead of no skill heli with click and kill

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ok take your “skill plane” if you want. I don’t speak about skill issue but just a rework of the AA on heli AF and a far heli AF from the battlefield.
I’m totally agree with Morvan_ there something to do here.


^and this

Those Heli AA help me find jets or helis flying around when im on the SAM. Also helps if there’s a enemy heli spawn camping behind the helipad, I just quickly turn and shoot em down before the last shot kills me. I’ll take a spawn camper with me anyday lol Hate it when they do that.

Overall, i believe it the Heli Pads AA should damage the enemy helis to prevent that from happening.

I believe the Heli AF AA should start dealing damage to enemies that stay around it for prolonged amounts of time.
Something like a threat system would be ideal, so the closer you are to the AA the quicker they will start dealing damage. Attacking the airfield/helipad and players in a very close radius around it (like a bubble just big enough to enclose the airfield or helipad and it’s AA units) would cause instant retaliation.

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