Aeritalia F104S Aggiornato

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Description: The Aeritalia F104S Aggiornato was an Italian F104S that was upgraded before the ASA upgrade to use the Aim9L sidewinder missile (this was one of the few to receive this upgrade). The F104S was the last and most powerful version of the F104 ever made. It was selected by the Italian Air Force in 1966 and produced a total of 205 units. The F104S entered service in the Italian Air Force in 1968, and it remained operative with various major upgrades until 2004. This unit, with the specific serial number MM6849, was a former F104S upgraded, as said before, to carry the AIM9L missile. This aircraft was selected in 1988/89 and used as a testbed to test a part of the ASA upgrade armaments. For some years, it remained an S, and it was upgraded to the ASA standard later in the eighties. In the nineties, it was one of the 49 F104S ASAs to be upgraded to the ASA-M standard. It’s fate is unknown; very likely it was dismantled or abandoned. Compared to the other F104S, the only difference were the missiles, as the avionics and radar were identical to an S without any benefit from the other upgrade from the ASA version.

Why it should be in the game: Since the Normal F104S was uptiered to 11.0 were it suffer a lot from 12.0 uptiers, this one could help the situation since it will have the same number of Aim9 but in a better version. And it will also be unique since it won’t have any other ASA missiles or improvment like the Aspide MK1. It doesn’t necessary need to be Tech tree, it could be also used as a squadron or an event since it will basically offer a better performing F104S at the same BR.



Length: 16.69 m
Wingspan: 6.68 m without wing-tip stores / tanks
Height: 4.11 m
Wing area: 18.22 m²
Empty weight: 6750 kg
Gross weight: 9840 kg
Max takeoff weight: 14060 kg
Powerplant: 1 x General Electric J79-GE-19 afterburning turbojet engine with a max of 11870 pounds without afterburner and with afterburner 17500 pounds of trhust
Maximum speed: 2470 km/h
Max Altitude: 17700 m



Air To Air Missiles
6x AIM9J
6x AIM9L
2x AIM7E
6x BLU1
6x M117
6x MK81
6x MK82
6x MK82 Snakeye
3x MK83
1x MK84
1x B61 (Nuclear)
1x B43 (Nuclear)
6x BL755
6x MK20 Rokeye
8x MK32 Zuni
76x Mighty Mouse
4x LR25 Orione Roket launcher



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Possibly the perfect squadron vehicle


+1 yeees great suggestion

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I agree, main tech tree already has a few F-104’s


+1. “The complaint of the taxpayer” is becoming “the complain of the Gaijin player”