Aerfer- Aermacchi AEM3: The little Angry Boy

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ZU-ADM | Aermacchi AM3-C Bosbok | Private | Dutch | JetPhotos

Description: Here is an example of what can be a little recon/tourism aircraft** **armed to the teeth. I present to you the Aerfer-Aermacchi AM3. This little boy was a joint development that involved two companies,Aerfer and Aermacchi, in 1964 when the Italian army presented a request for a new recon aircraft for the Aviazione Leggera Dell’Esercito (Light Air Force Of The Army) to replace the old American aircraft that were still in service. (In 1964, when the project was started by Aermacchi, the first name of this aircraft was MB335; after the collaboration with Aerfer in the same year, the name changed to AM3). It was not only projected as a recon aircraft,but it was also able to provide light CAS support. The first time that the first prototype made by Aermacchi flew was on May 12, 1967, and the second was made by Aerfer on August 22, 1968. In 1968, the aircraft got the seaworthiness certificates for the Italian RAI and the FFA. After 1969, the Italian army tested it and endorsed it, but the normal version was not good in every aspect, so another version was made called AM3C. The aircraft remain operational. In the Italian Army, a small number of prototypes were made, but they were exported to South Africa and Rwanda. Talking about itself, it was powered by a Continental GTSIO 520-C with 340 horsepower that provided the aircraft with a total speed of 308 km/h,a very big loadout including AS11 and AS12 ATGM,Hydra 70 mm rokets, 7.62 mm miniguns, butterfly bombs,various unguided bombs and rifles, and napalm bombs.



Engine: 1 Continental GTSIO 520-C with 340 HP.

Wingspan 11.73m

Length: 8.73m

Height: 2.75m

Wing surface: 19.04 m2

Empty weight: 930kg.

Total weight: 1,350kg.

Maximum total weight:1,500kg

Max speed at 0m: 270 km/h

Max speed at 4,900m: 308 km/h

Tangency: 8,900 m.

Autonomy: 850km

Crew:3 people



4x double 7.62 machinegun mm gun pod

4x 7.62 mm Minigun pod

4x AS11 ATGM

4x AS 12 ATGM

4x 70 mm Hydra rokets pod

4x Napalms bombs

32x HVAR rokets

96x Butterfly bombs

Various Bombs and others rokets




Aermacchi AM.3 | Military Wiki | Fandom


AM3 in the South African service with rokets and a night vision pod

920 - Aermacchi AM3-C Bosbok - South Africa - Air Force

Aviation photographs of Aermacchi AM.3CM Bosbok : ABPic

ZU-ADC | Aermacchi AM3-C Bosbok | Private | Bradley Rutters | JetPhotos

File:Aermacchi AM3 Bosbok Interior-001.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


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+1 but I don’t know where I would put it


It could maiby go to heli TT since It Will have similar Speed and capability


It would be very hard to put it in a correct BR. +1


Light attack aircraft are great, and I’d LOVE to have this one! +1


Italian tree gets one, and Uk tree gets south african one!
Deal? … Deal!

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The problem of the South African One Is that It was armed only with 20x 70 mm rokets but yeah If The devs want to’ add It to the UK too It Will be fine

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+1 i want it, i bet its going to be super fun to play

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In fairness the UK has better domestic options than the South African one. Suggestions will come in the future :)


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Its crazy, but…

but its a plane :|