Advice on the Air part of the winter event?

I’m an AB player and done around 97% of the WT air trees grind in AB, but now I moved on to RB (at least for aircraft). Still I never done even one of these events in RB. The thing is that I’m not into the air part of the game too much nowadays and it bores me quite fast, but I want that Mirage, so can you guys give me some pointers? How should I approach the air part of the event?

  • I want to do it in RB, but would be easier in AB?
  • Should I play the 3 jets that I still intend to spade (Mig-9, La-15, Attacker) or should I play some bombers?

Personally, my go to start is to take out the a10 and ground pound in air rb. Rb has a higher multiplier so, if you average a similar score in ab/rb, you can complete it quicker.

I would stick to fighters/attackers. Probably lean towards attackers unless you can get 3-4 kills in fighters

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