Advice on Dardo/VCC-80 HITFIST

Both of these are giving me massive issues at the BR both due to them seemingly not being effective IFVs at 10.0 to begin with but also because they only see 11.0. How are you meant to play these vehicles tactic wise?

You cannot be serious.
These are some of the most effective IFVs at the BR?
If you’re having issues with them, are M3A3 Bradley players meant to just roll over and die?

Hell - I would personally take the Dardo/VCC/Freccia over the 2S38. I bought the premium Italian OF-40 for those IFVs.

They’re fast, they have combined APFSDS autocannons and missiles. Spikes are really good now (the QN506 is one of my most played vehicles and I know very well that FnF missiles have been buffed), their gun handling is great, they’re low profile… You have TOW-2Bs…

You have the tools at your disposal to flank with ease, push positions to get into favorable spots with your speed, scout, and penetrate heavy armor. The only way you could possibly be having trouble is if you’re holding W like an Abrams player right into open areas.

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I don’t give a shit what you think about them, tell me how to play them if you want to help. If I flanked, soundwhored, destroyed. If I camp, there are no actual sightlines to camp on any of these maps anymore and if I do the ATGMs don’t do damage regardless

neither of these vehicles have spikes…

TOW-2Bs are garbage

Dont use 2Bs unless they are behind obstacle, always use the tandem 2A.

I know, but I still don’t find success with these

So, you just have a massive skill issue. There’s no magic “get good” tactic. You listen to sounds and you know positions on the map. The rest is individual reaction speed and thinking. You’re failing at that.

I mentioned the Freccia because it goes along with the intended lineup for those vehicles (10.3), they’re not meant to be used at 10.0 because your actual lineup is at 10.3 with the Ariete (P) and the Leopard 2A4 (the best 10.3 tank in the game).

They’re literally the only TOW missile not affected by missile changes, which still tracks very accurately and tightly. They’re not overpowered like the Swedish BILL (or anything Swedish - the developer’s pet nation) since they don’t get to have 500mm of pen, but they’re more than capable at penetrating almost any MBT. Maybe not outright killing every time - but damaging, certainly. And you have an autocannon - learn MBT weakspots and flank.

All the garbage Russian MBTs have 20mm lower side armors through which you can delete them in seconds. Go for tracks and barrels and then kill them. (If they see you and shoot you first - YOU FAILED AT PLAYING THE IFV)

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Use Copium

??? My point is you can’t contest corners and everybody can hear you flanking on these small ass maps so you end up contesting a corner anyway. Don’t tell me I have a “skill issue” when you provide no alternative besides “uhh, get good xdxdxd”

Yeah and they’re still garbage. Would you look at that?

You’ve now resorted to coping.
I feel like you’ve entirely made this thread just so people can tell you that “Italy Suffers” (fitting) and that their 10.0 IFVs are sooo bad. Even though they’re undoubtedly one of the best out there.

It’s not about you doing poorly in the vehicles or needing help. It’s just nation main syndrome.

AKA - It’s Italian vehicles being sooo bad, obviously. Good luck with that.

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Give advice or leave, thanks.

I did. You’re welcome to scroll up, read, and take it.

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Right, off you go now.

Use them the same way you’d use all the other 10.0 IFVs that house missiles.
Recon, caution, and general support.

This has nothing to do with 2S38, that’s an auto-light and not an ATGM IFV.

I don’t think you understand that quoting an excerpt - which is entirely correct, doesn’t actually undermine the rest of my post? It’s still right there?

It is stupid to not compare the 2S38, CV90 BILL (you’re gonna call that an ATGM IFV because it has the best 10.0 ATGMs in the game despite its gun being just as effective as the 2S38’s?), M3A3 Bradley and the Italian IFVs directly because they’re all light tanks at the same BR that are supposed to do the same thing. And they all have guns. Most of my advice (that he wants to ignore) is based around their guns.

The issue I find is actually finding positions on maps where you can do this, as gaijin has removed 99% of strong “hold down” positions. The other issue is people can hear you from 200 meters away so trying to do any flanking on these maps is basically luck based if somebody hears you or not.

Don’t detract from this post any further. I am trying to get advice on how to play these vehicles. Thanks.

You are welcome to continue implying that I’m “detracting” and “not giving actual advice” just because I’m rightly seeing this thread for what it is. Again - it’s obvious to anyone from a mile away that you don’t actually want advice, you want people to agree with you that Italian IFVs are bad.

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It is not up to you great one to decide what a thread is about. I am asking for advice plainly. :)

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The only thing that makes the M3A3 Bradley better than the Dardo is that it gets to use commander sight fairly well over hills / behind cover.

And it’s also extremely tall without any strong angles.
A low profile is extremely valuable to a light vehicle.

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