Advice for Ground RB?

I’ve been playing War Thunder for about 5ish years now, all of it mainly in tanks. I’ve grinded my way to top-tier US and top-tier Germany and even near done with USSR. I’ve played every nation.

But out of the 5 years I’ve been playing, the game has never been more of a struggle than it has been this past year. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. Mid-tier is hellashious, top-tier is next to impossible anymore. I don’t get it.

It doesn’t matter the nation I play, I will get maybe one kill and then just die, die, die. Making my progression next to nothing anymore and outright ruining my experience in the game nowadays.

I am asking for legitimate advice here. What am I doing wrong to struggle so bad in Ground RB? I want to hear ACTUAL advice. Not “oH sOuNdS LiKe A sKilL iSsUe” or “just play better” or some other stupid stuff. It’s clearly not a skill issue when I have made it top tier in 3 nations…

A good example would be every time I pull out my T-72 TURMS, it’s a literal tin can. But holy hell, if I go against a TURMS, it’s invincible. I just don’t understand it.

But, please, any actual advice?

What separates a good player from a mediocre one? Knowledge of maps, game mechanics, enemy tanks and weakspots. Reflexes, situational awareness and experience in general.

to be completely honest with you, your 3 nations in the top tier mean nothing, if you look at your statistics it’s a disaster.
what you immediately ruled out, i.e. “skill issue”, is the source of your problem. This is a PVP game and people compete with each other. Who will shoot faster, who will take a good place on the map faster, who knows better every hill and hole to hide, or who knows better where and when to shoot to kill immediately and not after 5x.

I don’t know what else I can advise you, I won’t feel sorry for you.
Look for the rest on your own.

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We’d really need a video here to get an accurate picture of what you’re doing right and what you could possibly be doing wrong

Without that i’d say the same as Apodykt, skill does play a lot into this game a lot of times but sometimes it can just be pure chance
For me a ground match can sometimes be heavily in my favor and other times i can be getting slaughterd
One match could be be 5+ kills without dying a single time meanwhile the next match could be the exact opposite with 5 deaths and not a single kill

Is the issue mainly in in RB or is it the same in AB?

Watch replays of your self and look at issues that are important to you, most of all have fun.

I just watched a couple of your replays. Use binoculars more instead of gun sights, you also dont peek around corners before taking them

general advice for ground is to play slower and further back no reason to be right up close and do flanking and what ever. dont peek out at all when someone is looking at your direction unless trolly armor or u could take or bait a shot. peek out when ever people arent looking at you and try different play styles. try playing a lot safer and going in different places in maps.

Play Naval . . . . .
Laughing Kitty

I mean, it is an option . . . lol, just kidding . . but a naval event is about to start, so . . .

person asks for help nicely
u suk stop playing


Can’t we just help people? (and not be rude about it)

I’ve been playing since 2020, but I really only got good in the past year. It is mostly from map knowledge, and knowing what other players will do. Reaction time, and other skills like it also help a ton. Make sure to keep your crews levelled up too.

Gaijin also needs to add way more and better tutorials.

i Did offer advice on how to improve in game.

And i also offered advice and my opinion on his playing the game.

If after several years you Still suck at something, it might be time to put it down.
a good analogy or metaphor is say you like nun chucks and want to get good at them… so you practice and “play” for 3 years… but after those 3 years, you still hit yourself in the face, over and over… yet you continue to do so… id say that is an exercise in futility and a waste of time.

just like it is Waste of time for yourself/himself to play this game, and More importantly, a waste of time for Other people. he all but admitted that he would be someone that maybe gets one kill and then does Nothing else but repeatedly die. So every time he queues up hes basically saying: “carry me” i will be dead weight and an anchor… Consistently.

I will Not be a good teammate. I will Not be reliable. I will most likely make the team i am on, Lose. I will be a hinderance. ( <=== more examples of things he said and admitted to, just rearranged wording)

I don’t consider myself any level of proficiency on the ground but I did get better in the past year after being forced to play ground because they tend to get better Daliys than other game modes (which might also mean I’m trash at other game modes, but hey, whatever) so here are some things I can list to help out:

  • Stuck facing against a particular enemy tank that keeps being the bane of your existence? Check the protection analysis to see if there’s any particularly good spot to lob that shell.
  • Sounds! Use your ears, they are your best friends! If you hear a train rumbling closer, some Russian tank is nearby and it’s time for you to reposition. Or if they are an ally, be forever in paranoia. Downside of this is that they are at the whims of sound updates…
  • Check your map. It isn’t great to be out there alone without help (on the off chance allies actually want to help) but it also is probably not worth it if you see all your allies rush A and leave B and C undefended. Also lets you know if there’s a meatgrinder happening somewhere so try to estimate how to flank that.
  • Have fun. Honestly, going into a match frustrated will just snowball into a series of stupid decisions. So relax, take a deep breath, play at your pace.

But in regards to last year…there were some map changes so maybe you aren’t familiar with the tweaks and end up in one of the several bottleneck portions of the new setup and repeatedly die that way. There was also the Object 292 event during the beginning of February that saw an increase in people playing their Grindset vehicles in midtier.

Dont play solo - Teamplay via voice is a gamechanger, and if you do make a mistake its not certain death, as your squad can save you/help repair, while you can distribute the needed roles like AA/CAP on up to 4 people.