Advice for crew member lock

I just want to give some advice about the crew member lock after matches. Basically, as I play 1900+ hours in this game, the logic of crew lock is that when you don’t have enough activity in the game and you quit the game early and your crew will get locked. I suppose this mechanism meant to prohibit excess quitting by players who only spawn for one life and quit and affect other players experience. But the thing is, when one side is pushing so hard and so quick, your activity will not fulfill the requirement for not locking your crew. As when the enemy side has already push to our spawn, I don’t want to respawn an SPAA. I want to quit and go for the next game. But I can’t because they will lock the rest of my crew! This is the point when it get ridiculous. I respawned twice in the game and die because the enemy are pushing so hard. And I decide to quit and go for the next game. And bomb, my SPAA and my CAS are locked. Now I actually need to use a incomplete crew with missing part into the next game. Wouldn’t this actually affecting more to the game play? I really hope Gaijin can fix this, like, if you respawned twice, you won’t get a crew lock. Or low down the minimum activity for not been locked.


I just play another country, and then just return after. It might not be ideal, but it’s better than waiting for the crew lock to expire.


Spawn → Leave Vehicle till you run out of spawn points, starting with your least favorite vehicles in the lineup. The vehicles you J out of will be unavailable next battle but anything you haven’t spawned and can’t afford to spawn will be available next match.

Obviously if you went on a tear before you died and have a bunch of spawn points this might not be feasible.