Advance to the Rhine is still playable 7.7+ BR Range

Where does SPAA go on this map to engage air targets while giving enough cover to avoid being shot by enemy vehicles?

If you’ve actually been creative and aren’t sitting in your spawn waiting to be bombed, there are plenty of angles to take against incoming air threats. Rather than using your SAM for once, try using a gun AA since it will perform better.

And FYI, person who posted this. You can still get this map at 7.7

My complaint is the map being possible to play at the BR range of 8.0-11.7 where there is no justification for such a small map.

As far as I am aware, the community universally love Advance to the Rhine at all battle ratings.

On top of that, you titled your own post “Advance to the Rhine is still playable 7.7+ BR Range”, outright stating it still works above those battle ratings.

Yes the title of this thread is a statement. I do not want the map to be enabled at those battle ratings.

Yes because it’s a great map for CQC, it leaves no room for high tier SPAA to function

You are being confusing.

Your statement implies you want the map to stay at top tier, but you’re campaigning against it?

What exactly do you want here?

“Advance to the Rhine is still playable at 7.7+ BR Range”

“Is Advance to the Rhine still playable at 7.7+ BR Range”

One is a statement. One is a question. I will let you figure out which one matches the title of this thread. If you are still confused I would recommend reading through my comments in this thread to understand what I would like to see happen to the map.

It says what I said it does.

Advance of Rhine is one of the best maps in the game, and an example every small should follow, even if I despise existence of small maps.

It’s small, it doesn’t require you to think(which is bad thing), it’s fast paced and designed well(unlike stalingrad for example where there’s way too much clutter) , it provides good cover from helicopters forcing them to fly high which makes them easy to shoot down.

Addendum 5.7+

This map is not suitable for gameplay above 3.7