Advance to the Rhein need a serious rework

All the battles in this map are the same, 90% of both teams attack “A point” and ignore the rest of the map. Change the points or limit players per respawn points.
Another map with similar problem is “Fields of Normandy”

Purely a player issue, join em or quit (I quit in the end, let the new players enjoy their way of playing).

Ironically this is the opposite to a few years back when A would be ignored as people preferred to fight for B and C and use the far right side corridor. Now it is all about face smacking to the left of A (and often ignoring the cap). If you get the better side you just ignore the corridor, flank the whole enemy team (by 10 metres) and pummel them from the side and rear.

WT in 2020s…

This in now a Yolo Bang Bang game, if you don’t like it i suggest revising your free time.

Yes, exactly! Back when heavy tanks actually stood a chance, heading over to Death Alley behind B/C was tons of fun! I have a lot of fond memories of the slugfests that would ensue on that particular road. Ah, the good ol’ days!