Advance over rhine sucks

The map doesn’t work well and its not ballanced when you compare the time to get over the point and how much cover each team gets till they reach the point and even inside the point one team has much more cover to get then the other …

The top team will take more time to reach the B point and not only this they are exposed to 3 placeswith minimum cover , they have to go around a house to reach the road to then get to the point , at this time the bottom team already got the point and its advancing towards you .

When you have the 3 point map the A point gives more cover to the bottom team specialy against flankers witch the top team has pretty much no cover at all

and the map just doesn’t fit for 7.0 above making this just a pain to play in and if you dont want to play your gonna have to wait 10 minutes for that crew lock

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It’s one of the few CQB cards that I personally like. A lot of people make the mistake of constantly fighting at A while the real tactical finesse lies outside this point.


I think it’s actually one of the best maps in the whole game. It’s main weakness is that the players have no clue how to play it. They always go for the “muh brawling” alleyway beside A, and ignore the map.

It offers tons of flanking opportunities, many places to go and hide, and is generally very enjoyable.

The 3 cap one is the best variant, with the single and 2 cap ones being meh.

I really hope this map isn’t BR restricted in the future, it is incredibly fun with MBTs.


Spawn second after drop arty on 2 line near spawns - kill every time.

Don’t understand people who make this argument - I hate this map and I never go for the brawling area, either I go between the park and the statue area or I go for the road on the far right hand side of the map. Either way, there’s usually somebody else there, and if more than one person goes that way you’re basically screwed.
For example, if even one person is on that flanking road, then you can’t use it because they’ll have their gun on you.
You can’t use the road between the caps because it’s too open and there’s almost always someone there and there’s no cover.
You can use the brawling area but it never ends well and you get at max like 2 or 3 kills.
You can go through the park but since it is mostly elevated and there is very little physical cover (mostly only visual) you can be shot easily.
Which really leaves the flanking road on the far right and the area between the park and statue. But the issue with the latter is that there are too many windows in buildings and corners to shoot from which can make it very frustrating to advance through.

The key is to not use traditional flanking methods by going to the edge of the map. You need to essentially flank in between the enemies in the middle of map, while also ignoring roads, and going between buildings. There are many different routes you can go, and this makes it quite easy to hide.

You just need to have good spacial awareness to do really good on it.

If you get across the northern straight road, you are in an incredibly good area and can easily kill enemies from behind.


so block it

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Like the map. As noted above - if you don’t care for it, block it.

Blocking maps is like choosing what poison you want to take - generally my map blocks are on either Kursk (Fire Arc), Fields of Normandy, or Advance to the Rhine

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its the best CQC map in the game hands down provided you don’t play the A point, trust me the map goes from bad to fun just from that, if you take B and C you can encircle A from there, this goes for any BR, its just faster paced and ATGM spam in high tier

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this is one of the best warthunder maps

100% agreement.

  1. I would like to have enough voting options to rate ALL maps.
  2. and then due to the amount of maps at least (and this is the absolute minimum) a second ban possibility.
  3. i would be happy if Gaijin would reconsider the approach to the creation of ‘new’ maps.
  4. copy and paste is a big no no …
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It may sound stupid but thats just how it is do you wannt a remackt or a bigger map ?

I love this map,

This may sound stupid…

But, it taught me a lot.


If it sounds stupid but works it isn’t stupid.