Adjust the br for ground assault

We have recently a large-scale change in BR, but the BR splits in the assault mode hasn’t changed with the BR change. If players’ vehicle is getting up-BRed, perhaps we should also readjust the BR for each level in assault mode as well

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You should submit this as an official suggestion. The BR ranges are too wide and there needs to be additional BRs for the current top tier (EG instead of 8.3+, 8.3-10.0, 10.3-12.0)

Thank you for your reply. I haven’t use the forum much so wasn’t quite sure how things work.

Just go to the suggestion section and check the rules then go to the appropriate section and submit a request. Then wait for it to be granted by a mod.

Adjusting (adding) BR brackets would require creating new bot setups, I just don’t see Gaijin bothering with this right now.

Ah yes, Assault… the Heavy Tank Ace Crews Bum Rush Thunder…