Additional game modes for ground? Why not?

I honestly don’t get it, why doesn’t Gaijin add more game modes for better variety? By this, I mean for Ground RB. Why do we not have a purely attack and defend game mode for example? (One side attacks, other side defends) Because with the mixed battle nature of War Thunder, this would honestly work quite well.

Along with this, a game mode with far more points (and possibly moving spawn points) would be also quite interesting, especially on bigger maps. But stuff like this I feel isn’t focused on at all? Despite it being one of the few things that would make this game far more interesting.

The only recent addition of a new game mode I can think of is nightbattles, and I feel that was a breath of fresh air (for those who haven’t tried them out, nightbattles are usually free of 1 death leavers meaning battles are actually competitve and not about a team of Leo 2 PzBtl players holding W towards the enemy spawn and dying in 3 seconds and then complaining here that Germany suffers)

Other than that, I really would like to hear what people have to say. Because surely I am not the only whose noticed how game modes are a topic Gaijin rarely focuses on in their updates.

There was a test of ‘advance’ gamemode a while back, and it was quite good. Don’t know the reason why they didn’t added it or tested it more.

Yeah, I feel the same, it’s just pure monotony.

Unfortunately, I guess Gajin is busy adding more and more modern vehicles over the already broken pile they’ve created, so my take is we’ll sit with “Domination” and “Battle” for a very long time.

They tried something different with the last submarines event, but I guess it was just that, an attempt… Personally, I wouldn’t expect anything in the years to come.

I have this hope that they can add a bunch of APC vehicles and have some kind of capture the flag esque type match. Basically have control points where APCs can offload and onload troops. Kind of like adding bases to air battles.

Tbh, I’ve also noticed Gaijin lately has had a weird obsession with visual updates for effects and such. This feels redundant imo when theres issues with the matchmaker and such that they could fix and just feels like they don’t have their priorities straight.

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I mean, APCs already do exist? (Mostly in the form of IFVs) so this game mode could already technically be done. But again, clearly there’s more important things…

Yeah ok, but there’s some less well armed vehicles out there. Tier 1 could just be trucks.

I’m thinking of some kind of point based respawn like naval or RB, where you can spawn in a truck and go to a control point to load up troops or injured people, and return them to spawn. Once you get back, it burns some enemy tickets, and you respawn in your next tank.

Interesting idea tbh. I wonder how this could be implemented in a way that works.