Additional BR separation for Helicopter PVE mode

[ Do you think it’s necessary to separate long-range ATGM helicopters from short-range in PVE matchmaking by adding an additional BR bracket in the matchmaking?]
  • Yes for 7.7 - 8.7 ; 9.0 - 10.0 ; 10.3 - 11.x.
  • Yes for 7.7 - 9.0 ; 9.3 - 10.0 ; 10.3 - 11.x.
  • Yes for 7.7 - 9.3 ; 9.7 - 10.3 ; 10.7 - 11.x.
  • Make it alternating BR, like in Air Simulator Mode to switch up Meta helicopters periodically.
  • No, I like it the way they are.
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Hello everyone.

I would like to address an issue that we’re facing with the current Heli PVE mode we are all familiar with since the current matchmaking was set up for helicopters.

Having to participate in matches toghether with helicopters in a high difference in BR
can be an issue if you don’t have the tools to be effective enough in battle in order to score points. This can lead to frustration, low results and even battle abandon since most of the 7.7-8.3 helicopters struggle to get results against 9.3 ones and the same happens at 9.7-10.0 versus top tier ones.

Coming near the end of a match, this is how usually the end results will look like:

This is how matches mostly end up and - as you can see - there is a very huge gap between lower BR vehicles and top tier ones.

For lower BRs, my suggestion will be to include 7.7-9.0 helicopters (or similar) with limited range and number of ATGMs or none at all, which will not be able to dominate vs “dumb-fire” rockets like AH-1G, Japan’s UH-1B or AB.205.
This BR could be followed by 9.3-10.0 and afterwards separate the top tier by 10.3+ in order for the matches to be playable by mid-tier helicopters as well.

These BRs are not set up in stone however, I have made several suggestions on how to mix the helicopters in the matchmaking - including the sistem we have today for Aircraft Simulator battles with alternating BR ranges periodically. If you have other ideas, please feel free to also include another BR separation strategy for Heli PVE mode.

The addition of a new bracket will allow vehicles like the Bo.105 series, Mi-24, Ka-29, AH-1F & S series, UH-1 C & D, HKP9A and A109 (plus others that may join these ranks) to actually be effective in battle and be enjoyable to play in this game mode, as well as the upcoming helicopters in the game like AH-6 Little Bird or the OH-58 Kiowa to shine and not compete all the time with Appaches and Ka-50/52s.

This will also increase the interest in this game mode for players that did not reach the top-tier vehicles in their Helicopter trees.

Thank you and stay safe from those pesky AAs!


Yeah, this is much needed change, also devs should make 1st br bracket easier by making weaker SPAA and most definitely removing gepards or even better, remove convoys entirely. It’s a nightmare material playing with low rank helis without any ATGMs or short range ones, I think the best candidate for low br bracket will be some kind of 40mm bofors armed SPAA with 1.5km range or any other high caliber slow firing open top SPAA like zsu-57-2. The mid rank bracket will be fine as the current low rank.

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I would suggest it is split into 3 Ranks.

Rank 5
Rank 6
Rank 7.

This makes it easy to implement, but with 1 extra condition.

Premium helicopters are pushed up 1 rank.

The reason being that they do not need to grind any modifications. Otherwise they out compete stock helicopters who are slow and without needed weapons.

Either way, there needs to be more separation.