Additional BR needed at top tier Air

There has been a lot of discussion regarding aircraft like the ICE, F3 and FA2’s balance vs aircraft like the Su-27SM, F-15C and Gripen and the reality is, there is no way to actually balance these aircraft currently.

Moving aircraft like the FA2 down could cause issues in full downtiers, but I dont think it can realistically stay at 12.3.

So I propose an alternative solution. Move the high performing 13.0s to 13.3. Create decompression that way.

Should all 13.0s be move up to 13.3?

  • Yes
  • No
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I would be ok with the ICE, FA2, and F3 going to 12.0 initially. I already have to play around stronger missiles in an uptier when I fly 11.0-11.3, and once you get past their missiles these planes are not a threat. Even the J8F would probably be ok at 12.0 since it only gets 2 Fox3s.

Let these planes have an armament advantage in a rare downtier, because that’s really all they have.

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Gaijin finally making the max br 13.0 and then making a bunch of the 13.0 planes 12.7 in ground is the biggest “fuck you” to the players I’ve ever seen. So bumping them up to 13.3 might make them 13.0 in ground which would make me very happy.


12.3 for the ICE and F.3, but 12.0 for the FA.2 for sure, I don’t think 11.0’s like the F-4E and Tornado IDS aught to be subjected to SARH+IRCCM at all from airframes that are equally competitive.

decompression needs to happen and it needs to happen massively
there are vehicles that are completely useless against other vehicles in a full uptier and you cant buff or nerf them without making them even more useless or overpowered to the vehicles they already overpower in a downtier
take the mig19 for example in a downtier (30% of the time) it does somewhat good but in an uptier (most of the time) it faces planes with all aspect uncaged missiles like the mirage2c

CAS finally is threatened, and people complain. lol

F-4F ICE is good at 12.7, and the 13.0 stuff isn’t as ground breaking as I initially thought.

In my opinion, in the future F-16C Block 50, F-16AM Block 15 MLU, MiG-29SMT (9-19) and F-16A Block 20 MLU (ROCAF) up to 13.3 BR

Honestly I think it would be better to do 14 so we can start actually decompressing… Better yet 14.3 so we finally have a gap.

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If they were 13.0 you wouldn’t be able to bring them into ground matches, but they’re 12.7 in ground and therefore we aren’t free.

CAS has no right to bomb with impunity.

The cap planes are still at 13.0, only the cas planes are going down to 12.7.

That’s… the US doctrine (remove air defence, bomb into oblivion)

instead of the battle rating being by br. it should be based on the level where the vehicle is, level iv only plays with level iv, iii with iii etc.