Addition of Active Radar Homing missiles to existing Swedish Aircraft

The addition of new aircraft to the Swedish tree is always exciting, however I feel it necessary to voice my concerns here on the matter. The fact is, the JAS39C is the most modern Gripen we will have for a very long time and it is very likely that this platform will inherit missiles (and battle ratings) as they are added into the game with other jets.

Where does this leave the current aircraft JA37D and JAS39A? Completely obsolete. Despite the fact that both of these aircraft can carry the same Rb.99 missile as the JAS39C with no issue, it seems it will not be added this update? What is going to happen when the more modern missiles are implemented? There will be a major gap between 12.7 and 14.0 or so where there are no aircraft available for Sweden with which to fight.

To add further insult to injury, existing designs that could carry these missiles, including the ever dated J-8F and some Harriers (which beyond their missiles will be fish out of water upon encountering the likes of even a humble Viggen) will be moving up to these new levels while we are seemingly left behind. I believe that in the interest of diversifying the reach of the Swedish aviation tree into the future so that it may stay on par with the ever-proliferating arms race we call Top Tier Air , the implementation of these missiles to the two existing rank 8 airframes we have for them in game as soon as possible is the rational and practical choice. I hope this will be seen and recognized. Thank you for your time.

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Iā€™d like to append the consideration that the JAS39A will be facing off against these new designs at its current battle rating with Sparrows as its main line of defense against missiles capable of leaving the rail before the Sparrow is within its maximum range. Is this not problematic?