Adding weather system to war thunder

adding weather system to war thunder.
this weather system can change through the match and would be a great change to the weather and gives a more real fealing about the battle thats going around you!


That would be interesting, I think sandstorms or some low-visibility conditions might be interesting at certain brs… would def change up the gameplay.

There’s already heavy fog that sometimes shows up.

It is very annoying, especially if you don’t have thermals.

Funny enough, we had this in-game at some point. Not sure why it was removed or when.

Tbh even if it’s annoying I like this type of thing


If Scouting and proper push to talk to proximity in-game voice chat are added. Sure. However, I don’t think it is suited as of right now. Simply because of language barriers and the lack of translators built into the chat box.

Same here, especially on Max Graphics.

They already have this type of thing with fog and rain but what I would like to see is if you’re in a battle and its clear, if that battle keeps going on for awhile a storm system could blow into the battlefield and also could leave in a amount of time.

One of the things that bothers me (with air battles especially) is that when you put on custom battle weather settings the said weather covers the entire map. It would be so cool to see specific parts of the map be rainy and other parts of the map be sunny. The odd rain-squall every now and then might spice up battles

Adding new time of day and weather combos would be awesome. So much potential is just locked. You can turn a handful of maps into many maps really easily.

SB in perticular would be really cool to have night battles and severe weather effects. Would give real value to systems like terrain follow radar to be added.

True, Dynamic weather would be cool. Would be tricky or minimally noticable in ARB due to match lengths, but in something like ASB, where matches could last 2+ hours. you could have the storm cloud move accross the map. Even just having clouds move would be a really cool feature

I feel like rain/snow should be a little more common, I remember playing in a rainstorm and it was awesome

They had it. Players bitched. It was removed.

ofc those players would πŸ˜’

Agreed with weather effects and time of day changes. Believe this is already in the suggestions section of the forums.

I think we need more fog since i’m able to see more than 200 meters in 50% of my matches.