Adding the market place to Play Station players

Adding a market place to Play station where only Play Station players can access to buy or sell vehicles to other Play Station players. Play Station players don’t have the ability to access a market place due to Play Stations strict rules. But if a market place specifically for Play Station ONLY players was made. I’m sure Play Station wouldn’t have a problem with this. There are many aircraft myself and I’m sure others on Play Station would like to attain but couldn’t because we were busy with work/family or some other instance.

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I think GJ had already explore this option.

I think that you really need to talk to SONY about these things, as they control the purchasing abilities of the PlayStation players . . . not Gaijin.

Based on what? Sony (i.e. Playsation owners) have a debatable track record on this…they allow sales on their store (as already available), but i have no idea of any game allowing external sales or players “selling” stuff to each other…do you?