Adding ships in Ground Realistic

Many maps have sea acess so when will ships be added to “combined battles” it would be nice to use Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships against tanks. There is no real reason not to add them since ships are also part of game.

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In regards to anything naval in other game modes, I would rather have carrier takeoffs and landings an option for Air RB much more so than Naval in GRB.


I would love to see a huge EC mode including all branches. This is actually what I imagined a WW mode to be like.


EC is the most underrated an unconsidered game mode, and it’s a pity.
Every time and now, when I’m playing naval EC, I feel the sense about what a “real” battlefield would be.
Winning in this game monde is an alchemy of collaboration between planes and ships, based on my experience the team who plays best both, will win.
Integrating a solid gameplay with thanks will be awesome imho, but I’m wondering how many players will enjoy this, giving the fact, as I already said, very few people play naval EC.
Realistically speaking, I’m afraid GJ will not put any effort on this game mode, at least until 90% of WT players enjoy only tanks and planes mode


But… I do not fully loose my faith.
Recent events, i’m talking about battle of Atlantic, give me hope naval game mode will be more enjoyable an interesting for more players, and I see subs as a VERY possible interesting addition to naval EC.
Who knows GJ plans…

Battleship vs Tank.

You would love to see that?

What are you, masochist?

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I dont see problem. Japan has naval gun on tank you can spawn that. And torpedo bombers dont have place in Air RB so this would be perfect for them. Just spawn naval bomber, problem solved…
Lets be real if you dont grind naval it is skill issue simply grind naval. Game mode isnt called tank/planes/heli battles you can play battlefied for that. It us called mixed or combined battles. War thunder was always about combined arms. Combined arms usualy represents air, land and sea.

Usually any 2 of those 3 - all 3 together is also combined arms of course, but not as common…

People complain about CAS enough, and now you want people to face ships like the Atlanta or Moffet which can barrage the entire map every few seconds? Planes wouldn’t be able to do much against them because the AI on ships AA is decent. And good luck doing anything against a ship with a tank.

This is a bad idea.


War Thunder has always been about planes, Tanks and Naval are just side quest.

Naval is abandoned side quest.

Then just spawn another ship to destroy ships, planes arent only counter. Name is combined battle not tank/plane battle…

look fun but map need to be wayyy bigger

I vote yes but only due to the fact it was from what I’ve been told was plans to add such & if littled to ships of a certain tonnage say sub 1000 tonnes.

This would be glorious for Riverine/Coastal warship for they would have a purpose for supporting ground troops like the IJA Soukou-Tei, The ahistorical Type 5 & Ha-Go (gunboat) or the VMF Project 194, Project 161, Project 1224, Project 191, Project 186, Project 1204, RN Fairmile H, USN LCM6, Asheville class PGM, PGM-59 class, ICS(L)(3), Kerigsmarine/ Luftwaffe Siebelfähre SF40 Schwere/ Leichte, Marinefãhrprahm AF D1 / AF D3 / MZ1 an the odd Minesweeper, Corvette, Destroyer Escort, Frigate, Minelayer, Naval Trawler, Motor Launch, Large Torpedo Boat (plus 400 tonnes), Kaibōkan an so on.

And for another option Amphibious armour should be spawnable in NF for either fighting in the water or fighting from islands making for a nasty surprise to those unaware although that may need a separate BR mechanic added but ohhh picture a ship being sunk by a Ka-Chi equipped with torpedoes.

For balance a ship spawn should be like 200 - 300 SP and is very limited to only several maps that have waterways.

I don’t see how it would work and what purpose the ships would have.

Most GRB games end up CAS dominated and often make the land vehicles redundant, and surely ships would be too. Aircraft are the new age of warfare designed to dominate the other two and they do in game.

Vehicles need to interact with each other in order to fight each other and we already have a scenario where land units have no means of interaction with air units attacking them.

You must be joking right? Ship cannons can bombard entire current maps we know. There is no escape not even behind cover in urban area. Tanks don’t have the range or ability to sink destroyers, cruisers and battleships.

I see some comments jump into ships or planes. I doubt AI AA is going to shoot your planes down and not everybody have ships because people only research tanks and/or planes not ship included. Idea is already consider stupid and only give some few people advantage over the entire team.


Well the vessels I’ve mentioned by name are mostly small sub 100 tonnes with thin hulls that can be penetrated with tank calibre weaponry an lighter ntm many vessels are armed with tank turrets & cannons so it would be like fighting a larger but similar enemy.

In a small river they’ll be very prone to artillery call ins tbh which will make life a living hell or if ambushed by a howitzer you might outright hullbreak said ship.

An added bonus is a CAS deterrent depending on the ships used you’ll make any would be CAS pilot think twice about their attack run is a ship is firing flak accurately.

AI control will likely need to be turned off for balance reasons so it’s up to the players awareness (something I do already with many ships only turning on for cqc requirements).

Most of the ships named have main armament between 57 mm & 105 mm with the former being a Valentine Mk.IX turret & the latter a 10.5 cm SK C/32 cannon which is an exposed mount that can be knocked out easily vs a tank turret & if added the tank turrets would likely see enhanced DM’s made for these vessels.

It would be imo hilarious to do battle on European Provence with a Ka-Chi equipped with torps to sink a Project 1224 or Use a Soukou-Tei/Type 5 to fight BT-5’s & LVT’s all while defending the ground from the skies with flak shells that can actually be set unlike the ground based flak guns.

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I feel like anyone recommending this is forgetting that Gaijin does not adjust BR’s based on the mode played in which means an Atlanta will be at 5.3 in ground RB, they have completely different damage models and the much larger ships allow much faster reloads.
A ISU-152 can fling a 40KG HE shell ever 22-28 seconds, a Atlanta can fling a 25KG HE shell every 3 seconds and it can bring a broadside of 14 barrels on target.
It’ll throw more shells downrange a minute than all the tanks do the entire match.
Every US Destroyers which have 3 or 4 dual mount turrets can also outdpm anything land based.

And crew in naval is a lie, each compartment, each component has a health bar and those health bars are scaled towards naval combat and that calibre of weapons and the massive amount sent downrange in a match, take any of the Russian coastal vessels with the T-34 turrets on them, see how many shots it takes to destroy a single compartment with AP, that’s what it’ll be like shooting it with a tank.
An experienced captain will wipe the enemy ships, clear the skies and dominate the match, it would be lopsided.
And unless I’m misremembering naval artillery strikes uses 15" HE which barely inconveniences cruisers with their damage models so good luck using normal ground arty strikes against them.

And if your idea is to exclude bluewater and only allow coastal vessels then why?
There’s only a handful of those that are capable of damaging tanks or taking damage back which would make the vast majority or vessels useless.

And if you did add BB how the hell would you balance something that is completely untouchable by tanks which can only get killed by CAS or another ship and given the scarcity of naval players what happens when only one team has a player with a BB?

What are your thoughts on this kind of game mode.

Map is a coastal map for example Normandy. Land has 3 caps and each of those caps have AI powered artillery programed to shoot the opponents Navel units.
One of the capture points is in the water, thematically this can be a sundered battleship with key intel both sides want to capture, Or it could be an Aircraft carrier which allows the team which controls it to restock aircraft more rapidly then going to their main airfields.

run the numbers and find a ticketing and BP scaling to balance it.

As a nuke equivalent in SP for lower tiers, I could see it.

Bring forth a Battleship/Heavy cruiser for 2000± SP, bombard the map or wipe the skies of flies as you see fit.

I support