Adding More WW2 & Early Cold War Vehicles

Would you like to see more WW2 & Early Cold War vehicles as opposed to modern ones?
  • Yes
  • No
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I seem to have the most fun up until about 7.0-7.7, which I’ve heard is a pretty common opinion.

I find that the more advanced/modern vehicles aren’t nearly as much fun to play as things that are a little more antiquated. I feel having an autoloader, stabilizer, thermal sights, chemical/saboted ammunition, and incredible mobility really take away from the fun.

I like to have armor that can work, a gun with a long reload that I really need to place my shots well for, mobility that feels more characteristic of a tank, and optics that rely on my visual acuity.

I couldn’t say exactly why, but I feel like there are fewer of these vehicles added in every update, and it makes me kinda sad.

Would love to get the community’s input on this, thanks for participating.


Agree. I’ve been waiting for Gaijin to put the M7 medium in the game forever, but they’re too scared to give the US 57mm gun tanks with APHE.


Because right now the focus is squarely on the race to modernity. I suspect it’s more profitable for them, or they wouldn’t be doing it.

Be patient. Eventually this era will culminate and they’ll start working backwards again to have more things to add. Our time will come 😁


I play the same era but I feel Gaijin has too many vehicles and too many nations and cant’ make them work as it is.It wouldn’t bother me if they never introduced another vehicle again apart from Israel which has glaring Gaps and really is a Nation that should never have been introduced in the first pace.

I would rather Gaijin focused on era specific maps for modern and WW2.
Constantly introducing new vehicles while the game those vehicles play is so broken seems ridiculous.

Problem is that WW2 era meet much more modern vehicles and it simply takes any pleasure or advantage out of being in a WW2 heavy especially at 6.0 BR where you are facing 60s and 70s ammo.