Adding level requirements to premiums

I think there should be a level requirement on high tier premium vehicles. I see too many level 5’s with A-10A’s who don’t help the team in any way and just die. What are y’all’s opinion on this?


The reason high tier exists is so that those players can play in it. It’s not there for you if you don’t buy premiums. You are more like the product or a decoration to make it more interesting for the paying customers. Or in some cases, games may only keep around F2P people purely in case they convert to payers.

Regardless, “They should restrict the paying customers so it’s more fun for the non-paying customers” is completely backward. If there is any sort of unresolvable conflict between the two, it’s the NON-premium, tech tree people who would get booted out first.

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Yeah, I just realized that adding level caps for premiums would be a stupid idea for Gaijin to make, as its one of the main ways they make money.

Another idea I had was to add a setting that lets you choose the level range of the players you encounter in battles. This way people who want to play with higher level F2P players can do so, and the low-level players who bought premiums dont get exterminated.

Level requirements in general for anything other than increased rewards is a pretty terrible idea.

Well 1) that increases queue times

but 2) Even if we ignore queue times, if all the newbies are together and only see each other, will they ever learn how to play the game? Not sure how great that actually is. Maybe.

Bro take a step back and think for a bit about this idea. Are there ANY issues with it? ANY way, that perhaps a lvl 100 could farm the shit out of low level players?

Smurfing doesn’t make sense for farming in a game with this long of a grind and tons of expensive premiums etc tied to your account.

I think it MIGHT be a good idea to have like 2-3 ranges of levels that are roughly kept apart from one another, whatever divides the community into about 3 groups. Like level 1-20, 21-50, 51+ maybe (would depend on the data and what it says the even groupings would be).

Seal clubbing is a pretty massive issue that really poisons games. You can retain players SO much better without it and potentially make a LOT more money

Wdym you go to ground rb around like 10.7 11.3 get ur premium tank and watch the SL flow

Right now, yes. I thought you were saying “with OP’s idea in place” though, in which case, no you couldn’t. Because they’d have selected a lower range of levels to match with, so you couldn’t farm them.

Yeah, but he never said there was a way to stop higher lvl players from selecting the low levels

Obviously to get matched in any matchmaking system, both sides have to fit each others’ filters… that kinda goes without saying. Otherwise it isn’t a filter.

The level 100 who selects all ranges, would only meet level 1’s who had themselves selected all ranges, but not meet level 1s who selected narrow range

Ok fair enough. Still think it’s bad idea tho if you buy a premium at a high rank you are responsible for learning how to play it against other players who actually earned their vehicles and learned how to play well.

As far as Gaijin is concerned, the only kind of “earn” that exists is how much money you’ve paid. Not only do they not care or benefit from you putting in mere hours of time, but it actually COSTS them a tiny bit of money for you to spend an extra hour in their game.

If I were Gaijin, I would consider the wallet warriors to have “earned” top tier far more so than any F2P player. I wouldn’t “owe” you anything for merely having cost me server upkeep for years, lol

(Of course, there are also people who grinded the whole tree but paid for premium time and various things along the way. They earned it too… by paying over time)

I was going to say that you can only select a certain range depending on what level you are. For example, a level 100 can’t select the low level range, and a level 1 can’t select the higher level ranges.