Adding immersion to SB - Ground Simulator

Ground simulator as it currently is is very small. Adding bigger maps where aircraft wouldn’t immediately run away for airfield cover after losing a dogfight in 3 or 4 turns once they’ve dropped ordanance, players on the ground would also have more room and time to manuever into position to setup an ambush at certian points. The spawns would be farther apart and the objectives farther apart so less spawn camping would happen and spawning in and getting sniped from all the way across the map at the higher BR wouldnt happen often either.

As well as having a Ground simulator list like Air simulator where you could look at a list of battles going on at the BR you’re looking for.


I believe we need something like SBEC in Grand Battle SB as well.
ASBEC initiates a moderate ground-to-ground battle. At that time, invasion and defense battles take place, and I think it would further enhance the gameplay if the ground weapons used by the players could be introduced to these battles.
The current GSB is only an extension of GRB, and the combat is conducted from a pseudo-commander’s perspective that is not displayed.
Personally, I believe that the immersion of GSB could be increased by adding modules such as periscopes, or by extending the pilot’s viewpoint and dividing the viewpoint to give each vehicle its own unique characteristics.


I would absolutely love to see Ground Sim Enduring Confrontation, bigger maps, or something similar to the world war event where there are 7 caps alongside a line where one team has to defend from the first and the other has to conquer. With dynamic spawn zones that shift depending on how far the attacking team has conquered the battlefield.


That was an Assault mode test I thought… I didn’t think they put it in world war mode.

Ah, I see, my mistake. Yeah it was on Event tab and map was Port Novorossiysk.
I would really love to see something similar to this in Ground Sim.

Yea that was an awesome mode… It was good to see something different and in such a way.

The only issue I seen with it was when you were defending, and you were out front you could end up behind the enemy, but more so you had a lot of ground to cover to get back into the fight.

It could be fleshed out over time and I do hope they bring that back at some point, which could be in the next WWM xD

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