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I’m not the best with forum posting etiquette or tags so just dropping an idea. I also don’t have a clever one liner for topic title. I also don’t know if this is the right spot for this suggestion.

When loading into the game. I think just spawning in and existing instantly, and watching others spawn in instantly is kind of…well…immersion breaking. I think WT already has the tools available to make this happen.

I think the easiest way to implement this would be to spawn in all player vehicles and lock them while everyone connects…use cameras to keep the players interested while the loading finishes showcasing random friendly player vehicles from an external view maybe rotating around slowly…then once loading is finished, turn over control to the player with a camera transition to the players selected vehicle and view then bring up the players hud…and start their engines. lastly, give control back to the players and let them take off.

I would also like to suggest for Air Arcade, Realistic and Simulator battles to have a similar experience. I think for re-arming it probably isn’t needed…however for the initial spawn even if mid-air, similarly having the players controls locked…having the external camera rotate around random friendly player vehicles…and when everyone was loaded transition to either in the cockpit or external whichever the player has selected and start the engine (unless mid-air) then cut to bringing the HUD up and eventually giving full control to the player.

I know it isn’t well written. Just trying to get the idea on paper before I forget (squirrel brained). I think adding something like this would be a great addition to the game. War Thunder has some of the most beautiful models, animations and sounds in the industry. I would love to see this showcased, to fill some of the boring repetitive empty space in a fun way.

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I like what you pictured here, sounds like WoT where everyone stays at spawn with a countdown and look at each other.

BUT, the loading screen is essential for War Thunder, as players need to select their vehicles to spawn with, ammunition types and quantity, fuel quantity for aircrafts, and a suitable camoflage if available. In WoT there’s no such selection screen simply because players made their choices before joining a match. Even if War Thunder made the spawn screen optional, there is a good chance that players would forget to make their selection and spawn in with a random vehicle.