Adding Heavy tanks

Aside from adding WW1 heavy tanks like A7’s, MK heavy tanks, FT-17 Renault. Why not add a K-Wagen super heavy tank, Char B1 (captured), and Sweden Half-way made Heavy tank the Kranvagn or the Emil series tanks since in technicality these tanks have been made and build all but Swedes heavy tank.

The Captured B1 could be great addition as a early heavy for the Germans there where some even modified with flamethrower or SPG.

The Mk4 heavy could also be added as rank 1 heavy for both the British and German Tech Tree. Including the A7 tank. K-Wagen could be a Rank 2 2.7 heavy tank not as prem but tech tree whiles the captured Mk4’s are in GE form.

The Renault Light could be a new reserve Light tank for France with the machine gun or short barrel 47 with the either the Cast or welded turret.

This one may have problems The Emil series heavy tanks. Emil 3 (Kranvagn) only the Hull was ever made in completion but the turret was never done but in later in history the Bkan 1C did however had the turret and Gun design idea and since it used the running gear of the Hull of the Kranvagn is would be possible for it to be added in my opinion at 7.3 or 7.7.

They were not “heavy tanks”. They were heavy because they were primitive. Even the proposed “heavy tanks” would be no match for even 1.0 tanks.
Most players, esp. those used to the WT meta, would not find WWI tanks very enjoyable. They were painfully slow, could barely turn, and the weapons placement hard to use. That’s why they aren’t in the game.

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these tanks have near to no armor and most didn’t have AP ammunition

they would be useless at best and a pain to use for sure

Im allready ahead of you, tho i personally have no interest in a standart Captured B1 bis.
Tho germany made home made ammo for its guns too such as K.Gr. Pz (p), Gr. 38 Hl and ammo for the 47mm too.

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True but then again the Mk4 was like the LVT except for mobility had the same armor protection and crew size so maybe in rank 1 at 1.3 would be a nice place for them

Yeah agree the normal B1 would not be but a modified one probably the one with out the short 75 hull gun and better APHE ammo

wouldn’t count those as heavy tank or even WWI tank

this type and similar ones would still be worth adding tho

I’ve heard Kranvagn was passed to devs at one point, which is big if true considering the precedent it sets.

It’d be neat to get Super-Heavy tank OI and various other obscure prototypes that were made as well…

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I never sayed that, tho the OP mentioned this thing at the beginning.

Well they themselves arent really heavy in proper classification but they do poses the same attributes as “heavies” slow, armed and large crew count. But they are within WW1 as they are build during and some post war of WW1