Adding "Electro-optical Module" to the damage model of helicopters and aircraft.

This whole discussion is relevant to both aircraft and helicopters, but I encounter this “problem” mostly with helicopters.

When engaging enemy aircraft and espacially enemy helicopters in high BR matches, it often happens, that the aircraft still is able to kill you with guided air to ground missles even after being “killed” or severely damaged for example by your SAM.
Personally to me it is especially noticeable when you hit a KA-52 for example right into the front with a SAM. You often get the kill due to destroying the tailcontrol and motor/rotorshafts, but nothing much else happens. The time before the live the Aircraft often is more then enough to kill one or more ground targets.

What I would like to suggest is making the damage model of the helicopters and aircraft more realistic by adding an “electro-optical module” into them.
Those are responsible for locking on targets with F&F missles, guiding missles, following/tracking targets,TVD,…
They would be quite vulnerable to shrapnel and shock/concussive forces by explosion due to the nature of the necessary high precision optics, actuators and cameras and also due to their position often in the nose of helicopters.

What do you think of this idea in general?

Would you like to see “electro-optical modules” for helicopters/aircraft in-game?
  • Yes, i would like to see this.
  • No, I don’t want any changes.

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Now to the extent of the consequeces of a maged/destroyed “electro-optical module”
These suggestion are purely my own opinion, and may or may not be fitting for the current game, but are just my ideas.

For a damaged Module i would suggest the following:
-increased spread of guided missles
-lower chance/longer time for F&F missles to lock a target
-unable to automaticly tracking target/chance to loose the automatic tracking
-slower movement of the aiming-camera

What do you think about the consequences of damaged “Electro-optical module”?
  • too much
  • appropriate
  • too little
  • No, I don’t want any changes.

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For a destroyed module I would suggest the following:
-inability to guide missles/bombs (beamriding/SACLOS/laserguided)
(maybe just being able to fire the missles like “dumb” rockets/bombs)
-inability lock targets for F&F missles/bombs
(only if those are dependend on optics/systems that are not in the missle/bomb itself)
-inability to use NVD/TVD
(only if those are dependend on optics and are not part of pilots helmet for example)
-inabilty to track targits with the camera
-inability to move the camera at all/use it at all

What do you think about the consequences of destroyed “Electro-optical module”?
  • too much
  • appropriate
  • too little
  • No, I don’t want any changes.

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Feel free to add, comment discuss on my idea.

kind regards (^_^)7


Would love this as it brings that small amount of detail into the game that makes it feel realistic!