Adding another AA in British tech tree between skink5.3RB and Falcon8.3RB?

Any chance of adding another AA to British Tech tree maybe 6.3-6.7RB ? There is a 3.0 difference sorta needs something in between?

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Which one were you thinking?

I have no idea I was just thinking when you play you have to use the skink or bosvark from BR5.3RB to counter air right up to8.3 and they get left behind! Meantime the rest of your rank 3 is 5.7,6.0,6.3,6.7,7.0 up to 7.7. then you get the Falcon and it’s too high a rank for everything else you have and you have to face 8.3 with your lower ranked vehicles!

I don’t know what particular vehicle to place there but I’m sure and hoping that it is a possibility, maybe? Dunno was just a thought?

Brits had falcon in that gap, abused it as IFV with apds belt, it got moved up.

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This. Although I guess it would always be possible to add a second Falcon, not give it the APDS belt, and lower it in BR.

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love these posts

yes, what exactly did the brits have that could go there?

Gaijin being the morons they are, moved it so it now shares a slot with 2 other 8.3 SPAAs rendering it useless in it’s current role. It should just be classified as a light tank, as there is really no reason to use it when you have two other options with radar.

Regarding the gap, the Bosvark is decent but unfortunately like everything British, it’s slow, has a terrible turn radius and is open topped. Maybe buff the turn radius so I don’t have to pull a 40 point turn. But once you start facing the early ATGM armed helos…well good luck.

Thats not problem specific to british as all gun AAs that dont have proxy fuzes struggle.

You already have multiple, it’s called the M109A1 and the G6. Both are fantastic at swatting air from the sky.

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Nothing a HE-VT from your M109A1 or G6 cannot fix.

Aircraft, loads of them 😉