Adding 2 new Tirans and Sho't Meteor to Israel makes little to no sense

It is true that Israel’s Magach line should be avoided at all costs so vehicles that can be foldered and thus quicker to grind in order to fulfill the rank progress requirement - are good. But if vehicles are added solely for that then that’s a horrible approach.

Israel’s ground TT has 8 research vehicles at BR 8.0 (AB/RB), plus 1 premium. The 7.7 Ouragan and 8.0 Tzefa A provide good CAS. The resulting lineup includes a solid 10 vehicles at exactly the same BR. No other “lineup” in Israel reaches even half that, and the majority lack a critical element like SPAA or CAS. The 8.0 lineup can also use the AML-90 for variety, and that is the only wheeled vehicle in the tree.

The 6.0 lineup is decent only because the M-51 can be spawned 3 times and now there’s the M109. No SPAA but good planes around that BR.
7.7 is decent with the early M48 and Centurion variants, and okay SPAA.

9.0 and 9.7 where the high tier premiums are located have no lineups, so you have to take lower BR tanks - 8.7 and 9.3 respectively. There the SPAA options are okay-minus and CAS is good. But those are still lineups that will most often meet tanks at least 1.0 above them.

Going up to 11.0 is a mess. Closest SPAA is a 10.3 Chaparral which misses plenty of core functions that other SPAA at 11.0 enjoy, like radar and close range defense. CAS is provided solely by the Kurnass but it’s underwhelming as it has to often face much more capable opponents like the Pantsir and 4th gen aircraft.
11.3 and 11.7 are basically the same. You can take a better CAS aircraft, but the tanks are still 2x 11.3 and 1x 11.7 and arguably their performance is subpar at those BRs. SPAA is still the Chaparral. All lineups lack IFVs, LTs, TDs etc that can spice up the gameplay. It’s 90% just rolling around in an MBT.

Gaijin, fill up other lines. Even if it’s monotonous vehicles, other lines are struggling. You’re reinforcing Israel’s largest lineup for no reason.

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