Add ZBD04A to the 9.7 simulator battle

I noticed that ZBD04A can only participate in the 10.7 game in simulator battles, and it seems that Gaijin forgot to add ZBD04A to the 9.7 list.

Its similar models, such as BMP3, BMP2M, M2A3,QN506, can all participate in the 10.7 or 9.7 races

So I hope to add ZBD04A to this queue


Need to add ZTZ96 and T72A as well, and need delete CV90105 and AGS, which are over 10.0 br


PGZ04A gets MANPADs, it’s not getting added to this bracket.

It’s not about BR. It’s about rough capability/timeframe. That is how they create lineups. Though, I agree the T-72A and base ZTZ-96 could be added to this bracket.

It’s ZBD04A, not PGZ


Ahhh, you right. Yeah, should be added into this bracket. Fits just as well as BMP-3 and BMD-4

No, it was not timeframe at least, or we will have T80B and T72B based on the timeline, CV90105 and QN506 are after the 2000s.