Add the VBCI T40 or other VBCI variants on the French Light tanks TECH TREE


this tank could be in the br 10.0/10.7 which would go head to head with the German PUMA among othersthis tank could be in the br 10.0/10.7 which would go head to head with the German PUMA among others.

There is also another vehicle with great potential for the French light tank research tree, called: EBRC JAGUAR, with the same purpose as the VBCI T40 but carrying Akeron MP Missles. it may be in BR 11.3 like vilkas/KF40 for example an a VBC using IR missles.


its minimum 10.7 leaning more towards 11.0 if not higher the Akeron MP is miles better than spike variants we have in game plus gen 4 thermals on the jaguar and other systems for sure gonna be nowhere near 10.0-10.3


I agree with you. t40 on 10.7 is JAGUAR on 11.3. I think it would be balanced. France URGENTLY needs these tanks on the line. in 11.7 using only LERCLERC it is very depressing to use the same tank every time.

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for sure the tree is in desperate need of stabilized light tanks like the vextra POLE and the cta 40s as you mentioned

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this vextra is a great light tank idea for france. It looks a lot like a Centaur or also similar to a Japanese Type 16

would up there as one of the fastest 8x8s in game if it is added

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Vextra 105 is better than the Centauro or Type 16. Would be the most mobile wheeled tank that could probably ever come to the game and have access to much better APFSDS (~490mm @ 0m). Vextra POLE would also be nice eventually (though it was needed years ago)… Would be better than the Centauro 2 probably.

EBRC Jaguar in it’s fully modelled state (of which there is more-than-enough info for) would be the best light tank that could ever come in-game for the foreseeable future lol.

France can’t have anything fun though… but y’know devs look to be giving France a CV90 of all things ffs