Add the ability to filter out/in Universal Camo's on Live

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On Live there are a lot of universal camouflages for vehicle but recently I’ve been having more and more difficulty sorting through the camouflages to find in particular for the vehicle I’m looking for. The reason behind that is the amount of universal camouflages is overwhelming for some vehicles that only have a few camouflages, For example for the STRV 103C there are 12 Universal Camouflages before the first camo built specifically for this vehicle.

Im not saying universal camouflages are bad but they really make it difficult to find a camo that was made specifically for that vehicle. Especially if that vehicle doesn’t have a lot of camo’s made for it.

Here is another example: as of December 2nd 2021 at 1:00pm CST there is 320 skins listed for the black prince. Out of the 320 I counted only 20 skins specifically made for the black prince (I did include a few bundle ones like skins for all Churchill based tanks etc.) that leaves 300 skins that are universal/All British tank skin packs.

That means out of the listed 320 skins for the black prince only 6.25% of those skins are actually specifically for the black prince, so 93.75% of skins listed for the black prince are universal skin packs or universal nation skin packs. (these numbers vary from vehicle to vehicle)

What can be done:
Since I assume its using some sort of database there can be a Boolean that’s a yes or no for if its a universal camo and at the top of the page include a check box that can filter out or filter in universal camo’s. (on click refresh the page but keep the search parameters the same)


+1 Also we need to change the way Live searches. Only hashtags can be searched, and if multiple hashtags are searched, an ‘or’ type search is performed, not an ‘and’ type.


Almost all of these camouflages are by the same author. It looks more like spam. I just blacklisted him and now my problem is almost gone.

But the idea is good. +1

+1 Scrolling through the uni camos is a pain in the backside just trying to find a nice one for my tank!

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+1 Support this 100%

+1 The ability to exclude hashtags would also be good

+1 Yes please make this happen. This has been consistently getting worse and worse and I also support the idea of changing the way live searches with the hashtags

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Same with historical/fictionnal camos !