Add slower matchmaker with fix BR as an option coz uptiers are boring 10 times in a row

Add option for fix BR which possibly slow down the matchmaker but overall gives mutch better experience who the hell want to face 12.3 in a frickin phantom,
Basically this option mean it will gonna fix your BR so 11.3 matchmaker will be 11.3 not 10.3 and not 12.3 this would be a very usefull option

Would gaijin add a option like that?
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  • No
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Push it up guys so devs might see this topic <3 peace

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Make it a poll

I can see it now. They add it and everyone flocks to it because “i hate uptiers”. Then the forum gets hit by a flood of threads saying “games are boring because every match is only the same 3 planes”.

I also feel like you would almost need a seperate br system for balance as you would be removing most of the vehicles from the pool of possible enemies. Then you would need to try to set a min-max number of vehicles per br as you wouldnt want to have areas where there is only like 5 planes.


in my opinion its gaijins fault they cant add more vehicles to the same BR at the same time the "3player boring " thing would be easier to fix if they add things correctly not "one country gets a 12.3 another not " but this option could save lower brs from suffer im not happy if i get full downtier in my f16 its just feels bad

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An uptier for you is a downtier for someone else…
Gaijin has repeatedly said that its priority for MMing is queue times. So even if you literally “asking for it” for 15+ minute waits for a game, its unlikely they will comply because then they will have to deal with complaints about long wait times and declining player engagement (ie: fear of players going to competing air sims).

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you have to create a poll with “you want a longer queue with no uptier or not”.
Thhen you remove players who doesn’t want to wait longer, making the queue longer making more players to quit making queue longer etc etc

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In my opinion this 100% can work because you will match up with only players who have this feature toggled it will wont slow down normal marchmaking just the optional matchmaker

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Could work … but then players with that off will face uptiers always, since the same br players will be with the setting enabled. Or I am missing the calculation ?

As long as you are okay with 10+minute wait times, it can work. Not only will the mm pool be smaller due to it being a seperate mm, it will also only look for players at your br instead of +/- 3 br steps.

Not sure how many people are willing to wait that long for a match.

it will be optional only players will be queoed who have this option enabled so it will not gonna affect normal mixed matchmaker only the separated match maker youre will not gonna look for your BR you will search for players who have this option enabled, so it pretty much changes nothing at all because only this optional matchmaker will be slower

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I am just explaining that it is not going to be like 5 min, it will be 20 min minimium.

Its still change nothing in the normal matchmaker and who cares if you want to wait 5+mins and want to have fun?
Who cares about it if you dont want to wait 5+mins then you still can go normal matchmaking its optional and possibly it will be not that slow because there a lot of players who suffer from gaijin’s spagetti a lot myself too

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and gaijin still releasing new stuff instead of fixing existing things f16c have to be atleast in 12.7 or 13.0 because aim9ms are just garbage to defend

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I see your point, but imho this fixed BR proposal is a dead end.

From gaijin’s pov they would admit (in the theoretical case they would implement this) that their current BR setting is crap - as they claim that the BRs are set (even in a full uptier) that every plane has a realistic fighting chance vs a plane 1.0 higher.

The technical aspects (queue time) aside - even at the same BRs we have massive performance gaps, so it looks more likely that they might think about a reduction of the current 3 BR uptier steps to 2 (=0.7 instead of 1.0) for very high BRs.

I mean if you fly top tier you are aware of that the quality of your weapon systems as a whole (weapons, CMs, avionics and ofc flight performance) is the most important factor in combat if equally skilled people meet each other - so the pilot factor is rather limited.

So if you play there you have to accept that a 14 year old will clap you just because he flies the better plane with better missiles - even if he is far less experienced than you…

That is besides other factors imho the main reason why a hell of very experienced pilots enjoy props - you can win vs far superior planes as technical/performance are not that decisive.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea, a better solution would be 0.7 matchmaking or a much more extensive decompression, so the matchmaking gets fairer but not boring for playing against the same vehicles every time

Crul u r right , wish gaijin do it like that it will be more balanced , for example i only have one tank br 6.7 on my list and the others are 6 and bellow , i will be facing some tanks with br 7-8 with my 5.7 or 5.5 tanks that are in my list . that will make suffer a lot playing it like that