Add SL bonus for talisman?

It’s pretty wired that nobody mentioned that the Talisman doesn’t give any bonus of SL? just RP, I just remembered a few years ago that Gaijin provided a SL talisman that would add the SL%, but after that no any news. Should we add an additional SL bonus for the current talisman or provide a new one but you can purchase by using SL?


Being able to upgrade a tech tree vehiicle to premium vehicle bonuses for SL would be something I think people would spend money for.


Just still need Gaijin to give us this chance.

Wont happen ever. If you want more SL buy premium vehicle. That way you just buy tali for 10€ during sales and you wont buy 35€ premium when half priced. And Gaijin would loose tons of money this way, so no chance it happens.

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You presume the price can’t be matched to that of a premium vehicle, although since this wouldn’t also give RP as there’s already an RP talisman I would assume there would be a price difference if they remained separate.

The initial idea stated adding the SL increase to current talisman tho.

The talisman as it is now can be obtained for free through the Battlepass system or as a random pull. I do not believe Gaijin would be inclined to upgrade the present talisman to do both. I think a separate upgrade would be necessary for its inclusion ingame.

Talisman giving RP and SL is too cool for gaijin :/

I remember this was already asked long ago, but was clearly refused. I think it was mentioned that boosters can be used to improve SL gain.

What I’d love to see more than a SL Talisman, is Talisman+ that gets rid of the “research tier difference penalty”…


That Would be awesome. So i could use my Mirage 2000 without 90% loss of RP

RP Boosters exist yet talismans are still a thing, idiotic excuse.

I can’t think of any truly valid reasons when $70 premiums are a feature ingame these days. A $35 talisman to give your Sep V2 a permanent times 2 SL bonus seems like a no brainer addition to me. Maybe internal statistics show raw SL purchases as the main money getter I’d think it’s become the sale of premium vehicles. Those are a single time purchase though where as you can whale for Ge to spend Bonus RP / buy Silver Lions.

That’s what I want, but I think Gaijin won’t refuse to provide a new one which is premium as well

While it would be very nice to have an SL bonus on tailsman, I don’t see gaijin adding this feature especially since they rejected adding SL tailsman before.

Though wondering if gaijin does add a SL Tailsman, they add it such that for a vehicle, you can only apply either an SL Tailsman or RP Tailsmans, not both.

I feel this would be a fair compromise to have an SL Tailsman to be added into the game, as it allows players options on whether they want to give a vehicle better RP gain, or better SL gain. This would also allow premium vehicles to keep their status of being able to have increased RP and SL gain.

Why would Gaijin just randomly give you a bunch of free money out of nowhere?

It would be less annoying if talismans also gave SL, but they would have had to have been priced higher all along for that to make sense. It’s too late now.

Adding separate SL talismans, though, makes good sense.

They can provide a new tailsman, which may have lower price but provide the SL bonus, actually it will make the vehicles which is not premium have the same SL earnings, most of them is about 2- 2.5 times. there are many ways to increase the SL bonus, if they want, they can even just increase the price of current talisman and add the bonus as well.

after players realize that SL earnings need to increase, they don’t even want to pay for the repairing cost with premium account, why not expect the gaijin to add more?

Of course, a new talisman is acceptable, it depends on the price, I don’t expect it should have the same price as the old one

They recently changed it where premium accounts literally cannot go negative from repairs, didn’t they? So I don’t even understand what you mean, at a semantic level, by “don’t want to pay repair even with premium” when you DON’T pay repair with premium (or not if it would make you lose SL at least). Unless they changed that again recently and I didn’t notice (I don’t use a premium account)

Sounds… Enticing tbh. Eh, +1 why tf not lol

I would certainly be interested in this one.

A very welcome addition to basically increase any vehicle to premium status even if not to the same percentage of increase over SL and RP

I would do ANYTHING for this lmao