Add ships to high tier ARB maps

There’s not a single top tier (11.0 onwards) air RB map with naval assets.
yet we have naval-only missiles.
please, add a couple land craft or corvettes on coastal maps.


Yes please I would like to also see newly made modern ARB naval maps with still some landmass of course. Mainly as you said I want to see naval targets for top tier air.

pardon the mention/intrusion, but @Smin1080p is this something that could be requested to the powers that be?


I got your point to use anti-ship missiles. I am not sure if you are aware of the low point score you get by killing naval targets. You might know this thread:

any reward is better than none - the missiles are unusable at it’s intended BR. that said, it would be nice if the reward was on pair with static defensive positions like bunkers, AA, etc.