Add option for Depth Stroke on Aerial Torpedo Bombers

I think that torpedo bombers should have the option to set the depth stroke on their torpedoes to four meters. Currently, one meter depth stroke does nothing to battleships and some battlecruisers, unless they are hit in the very stern or bow.

Here is a link to a google drive folder:
War Thunder Captures - Google Drive.

It has two videos. One is HMS Hood versus 85 german torpedo bombers and two Prinz Eugens. The other is of HMS Norfolk in the same situation, but without the two Prinz Eugens

In the video with Hood I turn the ship near the beginning to bear my guns on the Prinz Eugens, but I don’t really maneuver that hard, so most of the torpedoes hit me (although quite a bit just disappeared, which was really strange). In the end, only the bow is flooded and there is only some damage to my fuel tanks. No major flooding happened.

In the video with Norfolk, though, it took about five torpedo hits before I was pretty much dead in the water and sinking pretty rapidly.

If the torpedo bombers were capable of having their depth stroke set to four meters, though, I believe the story would be vastly different and the torpedo bombers would actually be able to cause a lot of damage do the Hood even if they don’t sink her.

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Its a really good idea. Should write up a proper forum suggestion for it.

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Thanks for telling me. I didn’t even realize this was a discussion post and not a suggestions post. I made a suggestions post, but it still needs approval.

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You’ll have to demonstrate that aerial torpedoes had that adjustability. I’m not sure they did. The Japanese had to modify their torps to run shallow enough for Pearl Harbor for instance.

The modifications to the Type 91 torpedoes used at Pearl Harbor were not for changing the running depth of the torpedoes. The modifications were used to make the torpedoes flatten off at a shallower depth. When a torpedo is dropped from a plane it goes very deep then comes back up to its normal running depth. A normal Type 91 torpedo could go as deep as 20 meters before coming back up to its preset depth. At Pearl Harbor, these normal Type 91 torpedoes would nose-dive into the harbor bottom before even having the chance to flatten off and return to its running depth. As another example, Mark 13 torpedoes could go as deep as 15 meters before coming back up to its preset running depth.

Also, aerial torpedoes (some of them, I’m not entirely sure about all) could have their running depth changed. The Mark 13 torpedo, for example, could be preset to run as deep as 15 meters, which is much deeper than the four meter depth stroke that I am proposing.

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