Add Naval Ships as an option like CAS

The current ground gameplay loop is boring and needs a new spin.

I have the Idea of adding in Naval ships (to maps that can support them) as a respawn option like air vehicles. Obviously, the SP needed for them should be equal or greater to Air vehicles seeing as that main guns on destroyers/battleships would destroy a tank 5x over with one volley of fire.

I believe this can add a new dynamic to the game where ship battles can occur at sea to
1: fight other naval vessels
2: Offer new types of support to a teams ground vehicles
3: Give Air vehicles a new/ more rewarding (SL/RP) target to attack besides revenge bombing.

Thoughts? Pros/cons?

Id really like to see this develop in game as naval is dwindling as is, and would give a good incentive for players to play it and start researching naval tech trees.


Ships are too powerful for ground RB. Big 152mm, 127mm, 140mm, 356mm and so on with HE rounds will just snipe the spawn of tanks and…just a disaster so no for me.

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Nop, I can said the pros and cons.


Destroy large concentration of enemy verhicles
High survive change against CAS and effectieve AA against CAS attack
Enemy verhicles need can’t hit you from far distance


Limited playerbase own top tier navy vessels
No counter against ships since must planes are only arms with bombs and rocket except few planes has real torpedo as weapon
Spawn killing instantly due large HE spam rain
Map size is to small for big ships to operate
Rains of complain would forcing Gajin removing Navy and causing domino effect

Coastal boats maybe, but blue water? No.

It was my wish the entire time since they said there will be naval, like the water we have next to Karelia, to stand next to shore 15 km away with Hood and bombard the tanks. Issue would be aiming tho, and friendly fire.

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I don’t think I can get behind this one, I apologize, just seems like a unneeded mechanic that could potentially come with a lot of faults.

Limited playerbase own top tier navy vessels

How is this anybody but their own problem? You could say the same about CAS in ground rb tbh.


CAS is different story because any plane and jet can be used as CAS without counting the helicopter and drones without difficult controls compare to ships is more complicated controls. If you play ships is like 90% bots for both side then humans in ARB and GRB.


T-80BVM vs 8x 15 inch guns from HMS Hood. Might just be enough to defeat its ERA :D

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tldr, you want to add artillery.


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To inept, cant read.

I want to add ships.

Which would be used as artillery.

Trust me, you DO NOT want to add only coastal. At least if you like playing any nation other than Russia. The SKR’s (coastal vessels) are better than almost all destroyers and even some light cruisers, and have the trolliest survivability ever (imagine T-80BVM but 10x worse).

Why not add it and make it an option like night battlea with it default to toggled off?

In WWII BR then yes

If a ship could get close enough to the battlefield it’s AA would be so valuable to their team.

Please tell me who else besides you would it use for naval bombardments.

Naval in most ground maps be like:


That would be awesome! Gangster lean a battleship to naval bombard campers on the other side of the map USS Texas style!

Imagine battleships in BR 7.0 games just bombarding the ever living fuck out of everything there.