Add more to VR

I will keep it short and simple. Let’s add more usability to VR. Namely the camera system.

How it works right now, tank cameras (besides AA) follow the hull of the tank, not the turret. This means the dozen VR gamers who play in VR (maybe 13 now that the Pimax Crystal is out, which is the reason for all of the recent VR fixes) cannot peak corners - a vital tactic every high tier player uses.
The reason for this decision is to reduce the amount of motion sickness someone can encounter.

I would like to propose an option for VR users only: to change between a “legacy” and “advanced” settings that changes the functionality of the camera for VR users. Also, remove the ability for the cursor to move to where the head is pointing. I cannot tell you how many times I died because the tank turns to where I’m looking when I’m just making sure a plane isn’t strafing me.

TLDR: change camera in VR to mimic that of desktop, and remove cursor moving to position of head.
Feel free to add more suggestions to this one.

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Another thing I would like to add is more of a bug thing than a suggestion, but fix the radar locking mechanic in VR. It goes where the cursor is, making it impossible to use the lead indicator properly.

One more thing, I’d love it if they could make the gun stabilized (if it has one, of course) while outside of the gun sight, it’ll be incredibly helpful.