Add more light vehicles to top tier competitions

We all know that gaijin has been watching a bunch of data tables to modify vehicle performance and BR. This results in us never being able to have a fair gaming experience. In top-level competitions, this issue is particularly headache inducing, with a large group of MBTs crowded together, using tank vs tank tactics like in World War II. and filled with magic, such as the Soviet ERA blocking APFSDS at 90 degrees, the fuel tank filled with random effects, and the difficult to kill Leopard 2 crew.

These situations have made our driving experience of MBT very poor, to the extent that the tactics of ambushing enemies from the side have become unreliable.

But what if most of the vehicles in combat are light vehicles? They have enough firepower, but at the same time, destroying them is no longer so difficult and full of randomness. For example, CV90120 and 2S25. This will greatly reduce the probability of mutual confrontation between MBTs, minimize the negative impact of poor balance methods, and even provide more space for some SPAAs to use tactics. More strategies

If you want to pursue this effect, the top tier racing lineup needs to add more light vehicles or limit the number of times MBT can be used (For example, MBT can only be used twice in a battle)

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