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This is my 4th time trying to write this suggestion.Last time the poll broke for no reason.I hope this time everything will be fine.
Anti-ship missile might be too advance for warthunder at this time point.But guided torpedoes is not.Guided torpedoes will not break the game as some players might expect.It is very easy to balance.Large ships like BB,BC can hardly damaged by guided torpedoes due to low explosive mass in the guided torpedo(mostly under 100kg of tnt)while small ships like DD can take advantage of their maneuverability to dodge guided torpedoes since most guided torpedoes are very slow.Also I saw the suggestion which says launched torpedoes can be destroyed by gunfire was implemented. So guided torpedoes should not be a big threat if you notice it.Meanwhile costal fleet still don’t get its rank VI.Guided torpedoes can be a main sale point in the rank VI costal fleet,helping costal fleet fight against bluewater fleet. In fact, there has been already some guided torpedoes in the game which just don’t receive their function(SET-40,SET-53M ,mk44 and SET-65,etc).
Here are some examples for torpedoes in game:
205kg TNT of explosive mass,have a range of 16km at 74km/h.
Homing with active/passive acoustic seeker with a range of 800m,also has 10 m radius magnetic proximity fuse.
Mk 44
54.4kg TNT of explosive mass,have a range of 5.49km at 56km/h
Homing with active acoustic seeker with a range of 300m.
80kg TNT of explosive mass,have a range of 8km at 54km/h.
Homing with active/passive acoustic seeker with a range of 600-800m,also has radius proximity fuse.
100kg TNT of explosive mass,have a range of 14km at 54km/h.
Homing with passive acoustic seeker with a range of 400-600m,also has electromagnetic proximity fuse, 5 m radius.
So it’s easy to find out none of those topedoes can find target over 1km,which means you will not likely get hit by a guided torpedo unless you never change your speed or course.In this case ,even non-guided torpedo can hit you easily.
Guided torpedo might just be a small step for naval battle go modernize but it will definitely add more fun and different strategies into the game.


I approve of this concept in theory, but before it can be implemented we need improvements on rendering in rb because the torpedo detection distance for crew is reduced as much as it is it’s only motor torpedo boats that can utilise it. The cavitation bubbles often don’t show up because the torpedo won’t render properly especially if you’re frequently swabbing between your sight and 3rd person. During the winter event I had an instance of the cavitation and torpedoes not rendering until the first torpedo in the salvo had already passed the beam of my ship in front of my bow as I immediately got hit by the second and moments later the rest of the salvo.


Maybe, like irl, if they would have some “difficulty” in driving them they would be more realistic. I approve though. +1

Another small change I want to see with torpedoes is the ability for the camera to track torpedoes in Naval RB


This would add a really interesting dynamic to the game. I like it! +1

Probably will be added when they add modern submarines, give it a year or two.

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