Add Fuel in MBTs

now that they included fuel tanks catching fire when you shoot them.
Wouldn’t it be time to add fuel as an add-on in the game, being something independent when the tank moves.

Considering this the fact of capturing points on the map and having refueling stations would give more dynamism to the map and gameplay.

Unfortunately, wouldnt matter, if we assume a real life situation, most nations would have more than enough fuel for even the longest GRB match, the only nation that would be routinely running out of fuel is the Soviets.


Don’t forget the Germans. Tiger II was known to be abandoned because it ended up running out of fuel due to the engine eating too much. Rough estimate but it was probably anywhere between 25->to 38 Kilometers per gallon. This is merely a rough guess.

It would also be incredibly stupid to add in-game historical or pseudo statistics because who wants to be an immobile pillbox?

I could see it being cool in SIM. And that would basically be it.

We allready do full powerpack replacement on Panthers in 30 seconds to avoid being “pillbox the game”

Other potential would if its like radiators where you have to repair fuel tanks or else you will eventually run out. Given how fuel tanks and internal structural steel plates interact with spall, thats a no from me (and i actively use that to my advantage)