Add F-106 in war thunder

so,i have discovered about this aircraft,and it´s a interceptor with nuclear weapons,and also was not added on war thunder he is between the F-104 and the F-5



Can fit 4 AIM-4 Super Falcons and and AIR-2 Genie

Had radar gunsight, possibly with EEGS capabilities?? (No gun so like what?)

A2A only, no gun or bombs

Also the AIM-4s have an IR or SARH variant available

Oh, and it shoots the AIM-4s in volleys of 2

Missiles were pretty good too, but NO PROXY FUZE LMAO

So yeah, this would be very cool to see added, but I question its combat effectiveness. You have effectively 2 shots (plus the AIR-2 unguided rocket) Pretty good flight performance too. Would definitely be a unique addition to fill the gap between the F104 and F5E (Or perhaps folder with the F104).

It’s already been suggested.


oh,sorry,i guess that i havent seen,i can erase my post

Not sure why the american mig 21 has been added yet, its really cool and would be a very nice tree addition. Note it cant carry nukes with the gun at the same time (it can carry a M61 vulkan from 1967 on.)

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