Add Czech AH-1Z Viper for USSR

Gaijin should add this as USSR squadron.



same reason as swedish t80 and mi 28


I know Vikhrs are just faster longer range TOW-2s, but this isn’t necessary.

No. Czech isn’t part of the USSR.


well czechoslovakian vechicles are already in ussr there is also slovakian one so it really isnt a problem for them to add this

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They were apart of the Warsaw pact

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They should add the venom under the Mi-8


Mi-28 and T-80U were trialed by Sweden, which is the tech tree.
Czech isn’t the USSR, thus isn’t the tech tree.
There’d have to be a Czech tech tree added for this to occur.


sweden did not even operate them during trial it was still operated by russians so no they should not even have them

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Doesn’t matter, still was trialed by Sweden, not Finland, not Norway, Sweden.

AH-1Z was never trialed by USSR.


Nor was the praga but here we are.

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Russia don’t need it bruh, they have more options for helis than almost anyone else

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nahhh let usa have something exclusive for once


Idc If they want to keep giving Soviet and Russian equipment everywhere USSR TT should get all of NATO vechicles that were captured tested or were used by post Warsaw pact countries

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The tech tree is USSR, not Warsaw Pact.
Really not hard to understand.


Surely this logic should work both ways then?

American SU-27
(USAF reveals ‘recent acquisition’ of Su-27 from Ukraine | News | Flight Global)

American MiG-29

American MiG-17, 21, and 23
(How Americans secretly used Soviet aircraft - Russia Beyond)

American T-90A
(Captured Russian T-90 Tank Spotted in the U.S.)

American MI-24
(Why the U.S. Air Force is Flying Russian Mi-24 Attack Helicopters | The National Interest)

American MI-25
(Operation Mount Hope III - Wikipedia)

American MiG-25

A whole bunch of German stuff too because why not?
(Operation LUSTY - Wikipedia)

Or we could… not cross-contaminate trees and instead preserve what makes them unique? I dunno about you, but that seems like a good idea to me.

Also, I dunno why you’re complaining about Sweden since they aren’t even in NATO (Yet) Americans could have the exact same complaints about their stuff in the Chinese tree, not to mention everyone having at least one Sherman and a P-47/51, and other nations getting tech-tree variants of American vehicles locked behind premium or events in their native tree (H-34, M-8 LAC).


These ideas are just getting ridiculous.


There is no Czech tech tree

If the leaks are true that the US is getting a T-90A then your argument will have smacked into a wall, I doubt it though since it was leaked by Olivia.