Add battle first win bonus for players

About 8 years ago, players could get the bonus from the first win each of day, players would get 300-500% booster the first time, both SL and EX, which will encourage players to take part in playing the game, it should be back, as a fundamental encourage method

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Now You get boosters that You can use, what is the problem?

Do you want add this bonus?
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You can’t get 300-500% boosters each of day, right?

You have a chance to get one at the beginning of the day and every 10 games from crates.

a chance, not 100%, besides most of time it is 10% boosters

For more than 1 battle.


+10/+15/+30/+75% boosters are 20-10-5-2 battles

Every thing over 100% is a 1 battle booster
Every +10/+15% shareable boosters are for 1 battle

Therefore, there is no boosters that are guaranteed you’ll have 300-500% (which are pretty rare to be honest with in the 1st place) for your first win in the day (which basically is applied over the win bonus, and not on a loss bonus)

You’re making it sounds useless, when it fact it’s way different.

I was talking about boosters in general, especially 10% ones that he mentioned.

Oh, sorry, i was talking about you being wrong generally,… i just quoted the last post to avoid you to have a full draw back in the conv.

I’m wrong that You get boosters instead of first game giving You extra SL/RP and that some boosters last more than 1 battle?

Boosters are much better, especially ones that last for more than one battle as this first battle of the game could be Your worst one.

Yup …
Because you can have 10 defeats, then your booster +15% will in the end vrings you less than a 300% over a win.

The booster he asks for is applied on 1st win (=/=1game)

1st win that can be worst than 1st lose. Then the benefits from winning and losing where changed so there is no much difference in it. Boosters came to replace the bonus.

My basic wins is about 4k RP, my basic loss at 2.5kRP

I don’t see how a 300% applied on each of those are going to make my defeat more worth than my win,…

All depends on what You do in the battle. Sometimes lose can bring much more than win.