Add an option to disable cross platform play

Console players can literally lock onto aircraft when they’re in a ground vehicle in ground RB, they have aimbot/aim assist, even when using a mouse. it’s rediculous. Please add an option to disable cross platform play


I do agree with this, Console players can also plug in a keyboard and mouse. So they basically have an edge. Only thing I can think of that’s a downside is the customisation on console is non-existent. while pc players can get custom sights and skins (not visible to everybody) but this should of course not be an excuse for this.


honestly barely use it … Its not an aim assist really but you can find aircraft easier for sure that being said go ahead and remove it … Now to the real problem is cheaters using 3rd party mods in SPAA and how many of them there are is bad right now I honestly expect to see a butthert tanker who hates anything flying in every 2nd game now just go watch a few of your replays you will see what Im talking about tons of obvious tracking thru terrain or objects and crazy accurate fire without radar guidance

Uhm no, this post is entirely wrong. For one, you can use the vehicle track function on pc as well. Iirc its the default keybind for l2. Its literally under camera control target tracking (ground vehicle)

And no there is no aim assist in war thunder for console players. Ive played war thunder on all 3 platforms and i know what aim assist looks and feels like.

Battlefield, destiny 2, and cyberpunk all have aim assist.

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You’re missing how it operates with SPAA and it’s a definite advantage in ground RB the target tracking for consoles playing spaa still works against air targets.

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Did you look at war thunders ground vehicle settings on pc like i said?

Because its not a console exclusive feature, you just dont have it bound to any keys yourself.

The problem is there is a button for target tracking(ground vehicles), but no, it does not work in Ground RB


I can’t upvote or agree with this more.