Add an option to disable automatic opening / closing of the canopy.

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My suggestion is to add an option to disable the automatic opening / closing of the canopy.

Currently, in the game, the canopy opens automatically when the aircraft speed falls below 22 mph (35 kph), for example when landing, and closes automatically when the speed exceeds 22 mph (35 kph), for example during take-off.

However, this is not a useful feature if, for whatever reason, you wish to fly with the canopy still open or closed.
(Especially when landing somewhere in a VTOL aircraft or helicopter, the immediate opening of canopies or doors does not seem very realistic and can be annoying.)

It is also very annoying for me that the canopy is automatically opened even though the aircraft has not yet come to a complete stop.

I therefore suggest that the game include an option to disable this automatic opening/closing of the canopy.

It should probably look like this.

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Agreed! I sometimes like to fly the jet as if it’s some abomination alternate future of WW1 open cockpit and find it annoying that I have to force the cockpit to open like twice (and have to slow down again when I overshot the speed range where the cockpit just locks shut) so it’d be fun to have an option to make it all manual.

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