Add aim9m to f4f ice

f4f ice only has 9l and 120a in 12.7, obviously 9l is not competent in 12.7, sweden and japan have aim9m but they never had it in reality due to balance issues, f4fice should do the same

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They never used aim9m but they should get the aim9li or even iris-t and up the br to 13.0

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Somewhere is a screenshot confirming that Gaijin is putting 9Lis on it. Couldn’t tell you where but it came from Stona so its real.

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I’ve only seen a quote from Smin saying they are seriously considering it, but I dont think its been 100% confirmed yet. But either way, yes it needs to happen. Even if Aim-9Ms are given as a placeholder

That would be more like 13.3/13.7 min. Undodgeable, unflareable 10-15km range IR missile would make it the best A2A fighter in the game. Period. and if it gets that buff. Im calling for ASRAAM for the F3 Late

13.7 bracket exclusive to DE and GBR? Ha, 6v6 English Channel: Reenact BoB with Gen 3.5 fighters!

It also unironically might actually be a good map for BVR (if the multipathing gets dialed down)

15km the same way R-60 is an 8km missile? It will probably have similar range to R-73, maybe a tad more. And its not like R-73 or AIM-9M are already dodgeable.

All Gajin has to do is to make the IRCCM not completely flareproof, idk copy-paste the IRCCM from one of the manpads or whatever

Lastly the issue with ASRAAM is that its less disadvantaged by the platform. ICE not having HMD or even a digital bus (limiting pre-lock on seeker angles to ±40°) influences a dogfight missile like IRIS-T way more than Tornado having the same limitations for a medium-ish range missile like ASRAAM, though it doesnt even have the lock on limitation

IRIS-T is 25km+
so 10km should be the kill zone

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For me is fair giving the f3 asraam i think it would be actully interesting for them to test them on really bad platforms to see how they work

Still i dont think ir shouldnt get the asraams just test it if they are too op in like 1 or 2 months remove it

Yes, but not the F3. Good radar and 4 hard points would make it too good. My vote is to give them to the Tornado Gr4 first. No HMD, Barely no radar, 2 hard points. limited flight performance. Ideal candidate for a first aircraft with them

Just make it like the japanese f5 2 asraams and 2 9ms

How does AIM-9Li compare to AIM-9M, for reference?

For what i saw they are pretty much the same it is a aim9l with the aim9m seeker (so the it doesnt get a smokeless motor)